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Raymaze yourself

Better version of Blue Jeans as promised we’re psyched to move on to more songs now.

Happy Thanksgiving! And here is something new. Jared likes this cover of Brooklyn Baby it was our very first take.

Me of course I am too busy staring at myself over listening. It’s not bad. I’m obsessed with this song though and have been all summer.

You’re gonna have to wait on the cat ears cover though, sorry lol.

Instagram teaser for now.

Leslie says we should take our act on the road / we kinda sound better than Lana’s / this is a good look for us + she’s in the music industry, so there. fwaha. flattered.

3 thoughts on “Raymaze yourself

  1. Oh yeahhhhhh
    Isn’t it a trip making music? More chills, that’s a lot of fun- happy for you in this new chapter of your life! ❤️

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