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yolo your heart out

Here is what I did this weekend in no particular boring order!

I went running. Shocking. This is from mid-week though. Note how androgynous I can look. There’s some hot male-looking lithe chicks out there, always good to keep that in my back pocket.

Just showing off my abs before eating poutine and short ribs no big d!!! Gosh yesterday was lovely as was Saturday. Very blustery though, which would be the cold being on its way and some storm apparently nearby. Wow so cool we talk about weather here.

Sky pron. You just can’t take your eyes off it and the more you look the more you need to keep looking at it.

Super messy, hadn’t washed hair for days but whatevs. Today it’s crystal clean I am certain to take a selfie as evidence bler blah.

Click to enlarge.

So stacked right meow muahaha.

Smurf outfit. Ended up running in just sports bra. Sometimes punish myself by showing off my jiggle wiggle for drinking/eating too much. There is nothing more real than feeling self conscious while running through town but also triumphant because that was probably the last time so unclothed for the season. Oh, a DILF hit on me yesterday during my run along the water but both of us had no idea how to take it any further so I just ran away shrugging hahahha life.

I had dinner plans anyway.

Caught up with an old gf and we got silly on red wine, was fun. Hope I nip this red wine phase in the bud asap before it takes shape cos I do not deal with tannins well. I have no idea what that means either I was just pretending to sound wine smart.

Dbag safari look. Well I did take off my shorts eventually. Life is all about balance my friends!

Shoe shopping experience was priceless although I wanted to shoot my brains out at the time. Fighting with my non-bf/whatever plus the clerk was non-stop chatting to me and trying to upsell me all this running shit. And I wanted to covertly take a bloody picture but couldn’t get my face angle right for forever because I had to do all this fake talking/laughing/listening to her bullshit and on top of it she was watching me take all these pictures of myself. You don’t always have to be closing when you’ve already closed holy christ so pushy. Anyway, size 8 is kid-sized so I got kid pricing. Fantastic. She sold me a pair of inserts too because I run so hard my feet need the extra support. She was so friendly I thought at one point she was coming on to me and almost said something. God I am so glad I didn’t.

When someone else orders poutine you cannot say no. It’s like witch craft.

Don’t blow a gasket.

Late night eating has got to stop. But how and when who knows! Going to Rodeo BBQ
this weekend, lots of eat and dranking. I’ll have to starve all week now. Also going to comedy double header Friday night. Guess who?? I’m doing a triple threat for my 15 year blogiversary. Comedy. Burlesque. Song recording. Freaked.


I feel like I could eat ten scallops right now omg.

Alright, you get me. Back to the grind. Monday again?? Kay bye bye.

5 thoughts on “yolo your heart out

  1. Looking fit Minx. The androgy look is good for you. I’ve always liked how you do things even if it scares you. Looking forward to seeing your triple threat. Also hope the writing is going well. Cheeeeerrrrrrrs

  2. poutine with jalapenos? yes plz. looking exponentially hotter day by day, ur hotness level rising faster than stocks in, oh, I dunno, kombucha DIY kits. Also cannot wait for your triple/quadruple threat constant peformance of life

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