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and the wind cries Raymi

Hi guys! Nothing like a hard day’s twerk amiright!? What?

There is no way I can dance in Shannon’s crazy heels. She had to walk me over to the pole haha. #amateur

Popped into Salvador Darling for oysters and gossip with Tanyamazing.

There’s no place like home.

Well hi!

Yeah, Toronto’s not a bad time lol.

Haven’t settled on a song for poletergeist yet and no I’m not stripping. I will be twirling but not as much as I will be prancing and dancing like I don’t know what yet.

Thx for the booty shorts Shannon. #yearoftheass.

Before chinese food.

As chinese food arrives. And before we realise they sent the wrong thing and were also attacked by bees when the lady came back the second time with the wrong thing again. Oh man ahhaha.

With all the time the landlord spends hanging around lately you’d tink he’d clean our windows.

Okay that’s enough for today. Have a chill Monday.

4 thoughts on “and the wind cries Raymi

  1. Look out TORONTO (ultra popular radio DJ voice!) Poltergeist? more like “oh-no”tergeist. Glad to see you are doing your minx THANG again. Turtle neck/floral sunglasses getting a big thumbs up over here.

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