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dream nightmare girl

Thought may as well have a teenager photoshoot seeing as I live, dress, and act like one.

Waiting for my bro to come over (no not my real bro, just a bro-bro y’know) I slopped on a ton of makeup to see if I could try and swipe some Angeline Jolie contour-action across my cheekbones for my dream of being Angelina Maleficent. Not just Maleficent-Maleficent. Talkin’ pretty here, people. The P-word. I can’t stop thinking about that movie. People who escape into fantasy worlds cannot handle real life and that’s ultimately what Raymi the Minx is anyway, a fantasy world alter-ego I have created to protect myself from reality and after fifteen years I am still here so, safe to say it’s working to a point.

Yesterday was so windy and scary I thought a tree would come through my window. The wind howled all night and rained but then when I went out to eat it was SO WARM but so wet and blustery still. Psycho weather. When the world can’t make up its mind.

Trying hair height to better gauge how close to Maleficent I can achieve the appearance of. Also facial expressions. Angelina does a lot of just standing and staring, posing, kind of an amazing role to play you just have to be adorned and in costume. She screams too, I enjoy screaming as well. How difficult will it be to get facial prosthetics for my cheeks though and how messy when I muck it all up lol.

There we go! I think I can pull it off, now to decide what song to dance to as Maleficent. How weird you love it!

Too slow emo and expected but might be amazing? I’d have to be completely naked for it to be anywhere close to attention-maintaining. Waltz of the majestic horned nude minx.

Cool story especially my bath towel!

This is my awkward showing up to your door look, wanna go longboarding? I am sorry these are not professional modelling shots this is the best we got in Burlingtron. Does it matter really when it comes to me? People just wanna see, and they won’t know if I don’t show so there you go.

I think I look like my niece here I think my mom will agree.

I am wearing my docs cos my foot is injured from running too much and they are the only comfortable thing to walk in I just hope they won’t look too clunky in my job interview later today or I should probably throw heels on just before. The other reason why all these pics exist was because I was resume writing procrastinating because formal docs are the enemy. Well, just that one is lol. It’s all good now though! #relief :)

I am posting these on my blog because I am too tall for instagram and you can’t see the cape. I was worried I looked too curvy and you wouldn’t get why. I don’t have a full length mirror so I can never do the full outfit shots and doing them in shopper’s drug mart draws too much of a crowd haha. In an awesome way though. This woman just stood and watched I had to tell her to move along because I was taking pictures in the mirror and she was like I know, still standing there. People are so fantastic sometimes especially when they’re on to you. I am SO shy and keep to myself so much that I think I have this invisibility complex yet I dress like a peacock, and then act ridiculous and have the audacity to whine about all the attention I get. I am told (have read) that chicks in their thirties have a mental breakdown except don’t know it at the time so we will just go with that. I don’t have trouble accepting me as myself it’s just everybody else having a problem with it and they ain’t got no chill.

Oh yeah I bought new lipstick the other day and there it is. Wild. Hair looks cray long here.

My room was dark that’s why my eyeballs are a-glow. Hair is growing like a weed. In the back when I look in the mirror at it it’s so long.

You didn’t know I was an extra in Lost Boys? #vampire

Dried roses nice touch yeah.

Lets go crazy and combine all accessories.

Okay go for normalsies now.

Nope not for long.

The wind was sucking my cape out the window it was scary! So goth right meow.

I can’t wait to lift those weights more I want psychotic arm definition like the chick from T2.

it was so windy my huge mural was flapping and bapping against the wall and it rained sideways into my room.

Posted this already but with a tint but it’s ok as is.

Then I went for a steak salad the end stop. Shower time! Wish me luck!

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  1. “Thought may as well have a teenager photoshoot seeing as I live, dress, and act like one.” Laughing OUT LOUD in the first line, as usual. I like the daisies on top of the toque (FEMININE VS MASCULINE)

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