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Raymi the Minx vs. JLaw nudes

2 thoughts on “Raymi the Minx vs. JLaw nudes

  1. You had a lot of good insights. I liked the part where you talked about how flawless and effortless she is, and how this getting out there could help her in the long run.

    I also LOVED how you so nonchalantly could just say “we are disgusting” without even having second thoughts about it. Even the most civilized and socialized people among us seem to recognize that, and feel really weird about it.

    Your insight was excellent, and why shouldn’t it be – you’ve been living this uniquely voyeur-friendly life for years so your insight will be better than almost anyone’s.

  2. Hey Raymi! Great job on that radio piece – it was a great listen. I love your position on the whole “scandal”. I agree it really is more of an issue of the “fame machine”, the nature of personal privacy in a digital world – and while some aspects of the leaked nudes incident has it’s place in discussions surrounding feminism, I did find it hypocritical that certain “feminist” sites would at once promote the nudes in order to drive traffic to their site and say “here’s where you can find all the nudes but don’t look at them because feminism!”

    “We are a disgusting society” – yep

    JLaw is gorgeous, I don’t see how she won’t benefit from this.

    Great piece again Raymi – I hope you’ll get to do more stuff like this.



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