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nothing is ever over


Listen to this!!!!! OMG Toronto Mike you slay me! So Howard Stern.

Like a hobo f– you Mike! This was so Rock and roll! You paid me in beer.

Cheeky monkey.

4 thoughts on “nothing is ever over

  1. Great podcast.I could tell you really enjoyed doing it.
    Nice putting a voice to the RTM legacy. Learning more about your past.

    Maine? Really? Honorary newfie for using GIVE’R on a podcast.

    Favorite moment @ 29 minutes. Be your own person who shines in your own light.

    Keep doing the fitness thing. Take care of yourself. Be wary of falling back in that Toronto pit for the wrong reasons. Addiction is a motherfucker. Trust.

    Do standup. Do talks. Your authentic heart lies there.

    Your book will be a great release of creative freedom. Happy to hear it’s coming along.

    Get that damn drivers license to make commuting easier!! Buy that sexy minxy white sports car. Who do they think they are. And where did they get… Burlingtron. Right?

    I’ll stop now before I wind up a frienemy.

  2. My sense is that there’s actually a lot of people who can both identify with you and be fascinated by how unique you are. That’s what kind of all great cultural voices do. And you’re a very modern one. I loved hearing you on that podcast because the personality you project is right there at the surface, it’s not a construction, it’s a real mainline dose of someone who actually can actually speak and converse and be as interesting in life as they are in written form. Plus you’re this like gorgeous cool chick! It’s a whole tornado of gifts you got going on and I’m just way into what you are doing.

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