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I will give you something else

Hi! *waves* and other emoticons.

Sometimes I feel like I am such a giant big mouth and I have all these things to say, all these thoughts to share and then become fatigued by it and the time I make to commit to, writing. It’s like I could just talk about anything, spin a yarn in detail and at length about any bullcrap here and it doesn’t really matter so much as I am typing. Woah. David Suzuki staring into the eye of an evergreen tree. Exactly.

I have put myself out there to be this next big something I hope I am not choking under the weight of my own ambitions. I have a lot of public speaking, and scarier yet, writing, in my future and I am feeling all spoken out. I’m just shaking out my fears is all.

It has been an interesting, interesting summer. Another one for the fucking books lol. Aren’t they always like pyro though? A significant summer: that has lit a fire beneath my ass! Like it?

My tagline (a new peer bosom buddy mentor of sorts has decided to grant me a to-decide/do list) or “a” tagline is this. Let me know what you think. Raymi the Minx: A flavour you want. Ruminate.

Anyway. Marketing aside. As blathering on before about not knowing what to say, it all comes from thoughts which drive you and you ride through and you’re just like riding through your life basically propelled by your own thoughts. These things spill onto social media and the like. Just riding through my life. That’s my stunted Bob Dylan-y jive and all I wanted to say. I’m being influenced by True Detective right now. I fancy myself talking gritty, curt.

By the time I am fit enough to wear these custom Hooters outfits I can’t find the orange booty shorts. I wore my blond wig and the shirt for Halloween actually.

Oh god not my best work but whatever. I’m like a wounded court jester ahaha. Like I give a damn. Sean Connery voice.

Damara has a shoe problem.

Damara I miss you xo.

My Hobbit hole. The lake is my view right out of that window. Come over and let me read my poetry to you Bahhahahahhaha. No seriously. Gahhaha. Jkjkjk.

I just whatsapped this to Stephy and said come and read my shitty poetry. hah.

After this I have to get semi-pretty for a potential wedding crashing and what not and what not my way through life.

Last time I posted a hooters pic someone believed I was working there. Half awesome half sad. Like if there was a new Half Baked starring female stoners and one of them were me, working at hooters. Yo I would f–ing watch that! See how it says raymi the minx for the billionth time on my shirt. Did you know the backstory to these uniforms I received? It is SUCH a good one. You will hear it one day.

RBG is amazing times. Going back soon.

Selfie nuts. Need more events in Btown.

I run absolutely everyday though.

Have a great night!

2 thoughts on “I will give you something else

  1. Im looking for a mentor! u willing to be mine? i have to decide what to do with my life, not sure yet HALP! :P

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