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Play hard to forget

Hello Jabrones. Hi it’s just me here killing time and not myself. RIP R Williams.

I am actually waiting for my “literary agent” to pick up the damn phone! I am happy to inform you lot, that I have unearthed my How to be Famous on the Internet manuscript and because it sounds a wee bit dated in parts I thought I might share some of this load of crap I’ve been sitting on since I first sat down in rural Northern Ontario someplace and begun writing it. *Licks finger/turns page.

What I am going to do with my self-made how-to story novella is upgrade it with what is happening in the worlds online today, in particular, pertaining to myself of course (Raymisms and so on, essentially) and whatever the fuck else I make up about the rest. It’ll be good don’t worry. I am trying to speak as vaguely as possible before a smart person beats me to the punch this time. THEN, once I finish this Godforsaken “gateway” book I can move on to the next ones and be JK Rowling. Jkjkjjkjk Rowling.

Okay hi I’m back just had our call and now I am capital psyched. We discussed publishers. It’s a go. I was like refamiliarize yoself! Im’a be buggin’ you like hell! My agent always says, get it on paper. Which I never do. Well I do but it’s funny we are discussing books in this day and age. I’m like well, you’re still in business bro so I guess people still read books. We discussed you guys too. The “Little Raymis”. Oh it’s so exciting! Bang a gong bro! If all else fails we will just put a gigantic picture of my ass on the cover. Word.

Expect more Raymi. But maybe don’t! Because I’m not supposed to be here. The immediacey of blogging is still desirable, the feeling I get from it and the people I reach, touch with my work and inspire. Minx, perhaps. Flirt with. Talk shit to. Oh the internet is the fucking best, can I get a hell yeah and an amen? Thank you.

The internet brought me Damara, so… yeah.

The adventure continues/I got things to pretend to do so see ya. Here is one excerpt from my book.

How to be famous on the Internet. I will tell you how I did it and through that perhaps you can glean your own infamy course of action. Essentially, all the bells, whistles, and gimmicks of being an internet celebrity are merely simplistic no-brainer hallmarks of a successful businessperson. Talk a good game, be one step ahead, be smooth, motivational speaking type shit. This book is a novel under the guise of a guide. I am using talking points from my how to be famous on the internet lectures, of which I have given many, as my chapter titles. Not only will you learn how to be famous on the internet, you will also learn how to write. First you learn how to write, then you learn how to harness your writing skill for online domination. If you’re here not to learn anything other than how I do, just taking a seat along for the ride, that’s fine too.

xo R/L

ps. if you also just haven’t gotten enough, I tumbl.

9 thoughts on “Play hard to forget

  1. Ooh la la a book.

    You’re all sorts of fancy now.

    Be prepared for some jelly people.

    Anyhow, in all seriousness Ms. Fancy Pants, congratulation, keep it up.

    Keep on writing yo!

  2. Your hips seem to get 5% more MAGICAL every year since I started reading. I only have my Math10 mind you- xoxo

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