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Body like the summer

I muchly enjoyed my tan this day plus life in general and thought lets immortalize this moment. Wouldn’t you know it someone else felt the same.

My hair looks awesome too so that is good.

Sunday night sorbet. Melty and spit-like. Gelato place was closed. Closed ghost town city so ventured back to eat this jive. I think that I am finally starting to go stir crazy from Burlingtron.

When I moved out here two autumns ago, I was about to say last autumn but I forgot I was away in Holland for 3 months and was travelling pretty much for all of 2013 so it erased that year from memory, but anyway this was a dress I bought and wore out only once because I was beginning to gain weight. Break up, moved to Burlington depression weight. Then I wore it at work as a shirt about a month ago and then once before that in the winter (when it was still pretty tight on my sausage fat upper arms) but now I am delighted to report the story of this size small (from UO) dress that I can wear all Risky Business styles again and still acts as a shift with pockets of space and I think my face looks pretty psyched too. My date had also just arrived at the moment of this mirror selfie.

This post is going to be girly and Raymicentric so be forewarned before reading on.

Heard from an old(er) friend yesterday who said I was still a baby so that was nice. It’s true though I guess. The only difference between me and hot looking youths is years of accrued experience, knowledge, expertise and maturity (ha) in the form of if not now when? Why have I been blogging for all of these years, what drives and compels me to do so? Has anyone ever stopped to ask me that, probably in a manner of ways but why do I breathe more unicorn power dust into RTM when she seems to be dying and then is brought back to life again. Why did I do that? Why does anyone blog, what does it all meeeeeeeean man? More marketing sponsorships, to be cutting edge, to be THE NEXT? Well yeah I think quietly I have always set goals, blown them, and gotten back on the horse again to be like you know what world there are many small achievements on the way and do not forget about me.

Do you know how many people call me crazy like, all the time and in a mean way too? Okay maybe like one person, who in turn is also crazy. But when people repeat offense, you take note and it becomes more about them then it does you.

But do I think I am insane? Yeah but not really you know what I mean? Like, what the fuck do I care what you think, or they say? I know that normies can and never will be able to take me but they like to watch me and there is something to that – it’s my casual goal to do something with that and that’s about it, consider yourself informed.

A superfollower told me to bust out this bathingsuit and I was like yeah great idea. Part of my goal (secrets to success, I hope) is to get psychotically in shape like lady gaga in the telephone video because I am not stupid to think that how I look isn’t part of this. My hair isn’t destroyed platinum blond anymore which was when I last had my figure. I’m not jolly just slightly overweight smiling like it doesn’t bother me plump anymore. I feel like the world is caving in on me and it’s my last chance to really give’r you know? If not now when. The second driving mantra of my “plan” essentially is get on board or out of my way. Too many times in my life I have been silenced and quashed into a fraction of what I truly am and thrive to be because yes, I come with a lot of noise. But I know that it’s empowering and inspiring and just as it gets good it always usually seems to get fucked up for some reason or other and what I am wondering is why am I so afraid all the time and why don’t I just keep going otherwise, why all this blog? Basically, fuck yeah blogging is what I am saying.

I’m also very inspired by my blogging sister peers who have risen like Phoenixes to the top over the years too. I see you. :) Oh god this is turning Spice Girls.

This is my tomb raider running outfit. If you ever had a shadow of a doubt about my mental atrocities you would just have to see me run. I am not going to humble brag here I am just going to say that I run like a gazelle if a gazelle were a ballerina who also dabbled in salsa merengue hip hop and freestyle. Cars follow along slowly and then circle back for more. Running mid-rain is awesome because I can do it alone. I took dance for 10 years so it’s in me to move and I was asked why I dance so well recently and how, because it is a fine skill. I don’t even care how much of a dick I sound like right now, it’s a dance off. I watched Magic Mike last night and seeing that guy move I was like, I can move like that but the world is so conservative HOW can I move like that and make money from it with all of my clothes on? This is the numero uno actual goal I have from running and dance-running fitness. I am going to film a dance video in a studio and prove it to you and then you can be the judge and then I can be a youtube celebrity with all the comments set to off ha ha.

I am addicted to running because it shuts everything out. I get results. I am hyper-active and it’s something to do. Everyone has their thing. Before my accident in Aruba I was running often and now it’s like that injury never occurred I can run like I used to but now I am more cautious. I’ll have to join a gym in the winter.

I was worried about the zipper on these pants this day. They are from Benetton in Aruba from our friend who I snake charmed the crap out of. He owns the benetton and half the island and I said send me a wardrobe much to the dismay of all the ladies I was with well guess what, I have a nice red winter coat and sexy slacks plus other things now lol. I suppose I’ll have to add a non-sexual hustling chapter to my book.

So much symbology!! Lol.

Subject change!

Just me and Paris Hilton palling around. I bet I am a better dj. Notice her mp3 thing is on those oldschool boards??? this pic is viral. This was an epic week spent in Quebec City and MTL the day jack Layton died and my blog hits imploded because my post on meeting Rob Ford went up. I own the rainbow crop top from Wildfox Couture though I suspect actually gave it to my niece. Sad face.

I look like someone I just can’t figure out who. Someone with long hair. blah who cares haha.

A pic from last month some time. I am not exactly Kim Kardashian selfie-bad but my ass is maybe better. Quotable.

Just checking in on my guys.

:( still won’t heal. wtf. Anyway it was worth it cos I realize that I am awesome at volleyball and not shitty like I remember from school. Even when I played once on the beach in Mexico and was mortified beyond belief for myself. I can serve after all which was my main fear, all the other vball things I can do.

Lots of storms lately, right? We were fine btw thanks for asking team planet Burlingtron. I got soaked in the rain last night all yolo and cray cray happy about it then apparently cp24 had it on blast that the levees were broke in btown but we’re fine, am fine. Saw a chick at work’s basement was flooded though :(.

Another pic from earlier last week. Do you want to hear my thing about sleeveless shirts? They make me uncomfortable and but, I can wear them now cos my arms aren’t fat but I still feel like some motorcycle groupie or that I am trying to be something when really all I am being is an awesome object of guy can rock a sleeveless, mahmean bro? Right now I’m wearing my plaid sleeveless too and it’s looking pretty good maybe we’ll have to table this discussion til another time.

Getting restless now. Shutting up.

There better be more heatwaves before summer is through.

Had a fun boozeless dinner. I know right! Anyway. Was this lamb I will never know, was probably lamb. The food of Burlingtron is beginning to unimpress me I have eaten everywhere and boycotted some. What a whiner right!

Sometimes you just have to be ghetto fabulous what can I say?

Have a killer week mes amis!

Can’t believe it is Tuesday.

Okay I semi-promise to give selfies a break.

Take a long last look this baby is sold.

Goodbye for real. xo ps. Hi MTV Canada viewers.


PS. Don’t forget a lotta YOLO happens on my tumblr too.

6 thoughts on “Body like the summer

  1. Always great to read your thoughts, Raymi! You look great, your mind seems to be in a very good place, and you are always doing interesting things.

    I don’t know why you blog… I don’t know why anyone does, but it does give your opinion a certain weight because it’s out there for everyone to see. Keep on keepin on, my friend!

  2. I have to Thank you Raymi… Despite having a great Birthday (thanks for the wishes) July was one of the toughest months i’ve ever had to go through…. your birthday wishes stirred something in me… a curiosity about Ren, not so much the girl I knew, but the writer you’ve become… I stared reading some of your blog to distract me from the “weight being placed on my shoulder”… you have an incredible talent Lauren… you are quite the writer… .and then you mentioned Jack Kerouac and the book (on the road) that I had to read…. as much as a diversion your writing was, that suggestion was just what i needed… i’ve read a good chunk of it and i am enthralled with the world he travelled through and immersed himself in… i guess in a way i was reaching out to you as a friend and fellow writer… i could keep rambling, but the “thank you” was for giving me the perfect distraction i needed while my world was crashing around me… sorry for such a long winded thank you… haha

  3. Just caught up on reading this post – love it that you got right in there with the writing – all up in there – awesome.

    What I was stopping by to say is that you’re on mtvcreeps right now (or were, when I started this comment) and it was the first episode you were in, i think –

    you know, i always thought the questions they asked were kind of stupid. Maybe it’s because it was clear you know how to do this blogging thing, that you’ve got it down – all the content & photos & videos – years & years of it – You’ve been blogging ahead of your time.

    Not to be mean to the other Toronto bloggers (I’m speaking particularly about the “popular” ones) but they don’t actually blog and haven’t for a long time – the only one who has consistently blogged is you (& it doesn’t mean you’ve been out of the loop – you’ve done your own thing & still had success) – what I mean is that certain other ones just seem to only “brand” and smile for the sponsors. While I like some of the links they share sometimes, it’s nothing I don’t see from other people on my Twitter timeline, whereas you not only share cool things but also link to your life, on your terms.

    You are the most real and you share your life like a writer – not like a sponsored by such & such lifestyle fake social media person. It’s not to say that you don’t keep things to yourself and hold some cards back, but when you make posts like this, it just feels REAL and it makes me care enough to check out the music you share or whatever. I feel it comes from a truer place than the other counterparts in the so-called scene.

    Anyway, long comment is long. I love what you do. I’m ever curious about what you’ll do next. I admire your perspective. I hope you continue to blog and to write and to document your life (to live it!) in whatever way you choose.

    Thanks for sharing with us. <3

  4. Im going to reply after a run, Amber. Jared you too! I just feel like I should get on my writing game again and actually feel like I’m on it, doing it, and that will be it and could you imagine if I was the first and last blogger? Mortifying.

  5. Great to see you getting blogging again and back in shape again Raymi.
    You seem happy, makes my heart smile.

    Totes hit the gym in winter – makes a HUGE difference come spring.
    Gives a reason to get out of the house, liberating the snow blahs.
    I find running and exercise in general addictive once you get over that beginners hump. Those marathons and gyms have really positive energy.

    PS: love the food and music posts too. Always something different.

    Keep being an open book craymi raymi.

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