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the leads are bad

Hi. Waves. Yawns. Waiting for the brick to get here then I’m meeting BF at volleyball tourny and he rules cos he told me what to wear, luckily I have a beach outfit on hand AT ALL TIMES. What would Spicoli do? Exactly! Once I take my shirt off just watch out. I am nervous to meet sport people! Cliquey lot, no? We will see. You know me I over think and think. Ooh Truck is here gotta go brb.

The legs still need to go on and it’s bigger than this pic shows etc so forth but there it is.

I waited for the darn thing so I get to christen it with a shameless selfie.

Peace guy. You will go in that other room which will be used for creative collaborative pursuits at some point in the future no one has time for.

He said he thought I would show up all wild to dinner with his dad, not like this. Dude no way, wild hair doesn’t come out for months. I was equal parts slutty and sporty and innocent and goofy. Disarming. Yes. That.

Today is wild and sporty full dbag, though.

I like this guy. He sits in the window and stares at the parking lot. All cats exhibit the same behaviours. All solitary monastic little furbags, them. My mom and I talk to this cat because we are the R-word.

Okay I am psyched for this volleyball thing now. When I hashtag it on instagram good thing happen too so, follow me today for a looky-lookeroonie! xoxo rlw

ps. shows I have been watching lately if you wanna watch them too and discuss are as follows:

ray donovan, the mindy project and penny dreadful.

Oh Rocky.


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