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tough crowd

From the land of ADD – hi all! Lets get down to it. Yesterday felt like a Thursday, so now that it’s Thursday (night off from new beau bro) it’s like YEAH IT’S THURSDAY!!! There is just something about Thursday, right? Oh you animals!

Supposed to dye my hair tonight. We will see, we will see. It gets this awesome kind of red as my roots come in and fades because I can never find this actual tone of red. I will have to visit that Shopper’s I used to go to… anyway, air dye tip: always stretch it out as long as you can. I baby my hair so it grows. Someone said it seemed like I had long hair over night. Um no. I have been working at it desperately and depressingly, painstakingly if you will. I WISH overnight. Likewise hair tip, some days you have to bun it. Let it be dirty. Like a weekend of camping and seldom brushing teeth (and by camping I mean cottages).

Lunch. When is Shawarma ever bad though? Good company too!

I combined two important “pieces” from my collection over the years today. Confidence and Self-actualization. NOT! This shirt and that onesie more like. Seen!

If you are embarking on a new relationship such as I, here is a courtesy tip: Do not go to the Brick directly after work together. Eat first. Brick second. More like Prick.

And I went for a tan because I am all about self-improvement. I stole that from Damara. She has braces. So she doesn’t have Avril Lavigne teeth anymore. I didn’t know Avril Lavigne had those teeth until D pointed it out.

New relayshe tip 2: do not succumb to your crotchety stressed out waitress after the Brick. Oh man she was a trip. She didn’t even know her own combo offerings and fought with bf. My eyes bulged out. When two people both set in their ways (us) and intelligent people who also are happy go lucky with senses of humour but high standards, everything is a joke, sets you off. The trick in life is patience and make things fun, always. Yes be serious but when things go awry, see the humour. BUT if one person feels like snapping and are within their rights then by all means call another out. Don’t be a doormat.

Sorry for all this preaching. I drink a lot of coffee and work in a creative environment and I consume information all the live long day, I feel as if I am formulating a Ted talk at all times. I watched my stand up video again and was struck by how calm and intellectual I sounded because I was launching into all these advice-like tangents to the young kids who were thoroughly digging it too. So, long story short I am cooking up another little public speaking thing/stand-up/whatever. I mean, I always have this blog as a soundboard which I used to write long winded insane things all the live long day before I do not know why I keep defending it defensively.

Nice couch though right! He ordered it before we met and now it is here,arrives Saturday and he wanted me to see it. But then he wanted to go over entire house redecorating plans which I could not focus on immediately after work I am like Don Draper, I need to decompress. We were being swarmed like mental and I was not keen on the attention. We are the dynamic duo and we get a lot of attention. He’s basketball tall, I am, Raymi… I’m not used to it plus the desperate salesman were angering me. Bf takes responsibility and today said sorry I forgot that girls just wanna have fun. Bahahha. It’s true. I have a Brick hatred from youth, I was dragged around to all the furniture stores and wallpaper paint etc cos I was the young kid.
and a loner type.

Unfortch I literally gotta run now though! Lotsa love, Raymbo.

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  1. Ever since I was a little boy, I always thought “The Brick” was a dumb name for a store. It would even be a dumb name for a wrestler.

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