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Read it/weep

Hi lunatics. Miss me? I think it’s aboot time I update my blog. That’s the intro!

Sunday. Went on a long walk to the beach and back, then tanned in town waiting for new boy. Had amazing thai for dinner. Was great.

The sun soaked up my entire essence on Saturday so come Sunday I was all dried out/up.

I love how when you’re dating someone new no one says anything, a big SILENCE, but then this bunny gets over 20 likes gahhaha. Oh you guys I see you.

I will link you up with all the deets soon. We are still on probation I think so I’ll get back to you! Seeing him tonight. Haha. I like how I have to make boyfriend announcements. How the last one ended. And maybe some side project ones you didn’t really know about? Oh god it’s a good story. LD relationships are hard. I will respectfully leave it at that.

Even the story of how we met is interesting. Well to me at least. Everything about me is interesting to me and I don’t mean interesting in the insulting kind of way of interesting where it’s the only descriptive non-insult word you could say about a situation. Full-blown interesting I mean. LAYERS. Just jk. Not really.

If this was the 90’s I’d say we mesh well. It’s a challenge. I am annoying as fuck. Loveable. And luckily I am a catch so I can continue being as totally me, forever. I always seem to gun for hotties though which is a delicate thing I feel. It makes you insane. It makes the insane present. I don’t know. I like me. I doubt if I will ever change. The goal is to find someone accepting of that. Who looks EXACTLY LIKE THIS. Okay maybe I have to change like, four things. Tops!

My little town is cute and all side-street things fail so then you get this. I am this close to becoming the mayor of Burlington. We discuss opening a store called BURLINGTRON. Just saying!

Work fruit is the best fruit. There’s a copywriter joke in there somewhere but it’s probably too foul.

Gotta scoot though. Wish me luck/say a prayer! We will see how he reacts to this blog post and how I do to his haircut. PEACE!

12 thoughts on “Read it/weep

  1. Seriously though, when someone new pops up on the radar, I’m like…. wait… did I miss something? *scrolling through post after post* Ha ha. Glad you wrote this one so I didn’t feel crazy. Not that it’s all about me, but you catch my drift.

  2. I totally get it and it’s fine. You say nothing for a long enough time, and then you can say everythang. And laugh instead of cry!

  3. I love how you give us crumbs and keep us hungry for details. Can’t wait to hear more, I hope he is down with the blog. I’m rooting for him.

  4. shit happens, relationships end. all that matters to me is that you are happy and healthy. and writing something (even if it’s just copy @ work!)

    we should have a skype date ;)


  5. 1. you make a very handsome couple.
    2. the man I date is way more mature than I am. not sure if that is the case with you ;)
    3. LD r-ships are too hard.
    4. you’re super cute, as always.

  6. Mature? Hmm. Debatable. There’s an age gap if that’s what you’re inferring cos lawdy knows you wouldn’t be calling me immature.

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