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Seagull probs

Good day to you! Please enjoy the most emotional and dramatic seagull feeding video if it isn’t blocked in your country, below. On the house!

I feel like I potentially have heat stroke? Passing out in bed eating candy stroke, exercise stroke (sore all over, I added push ups to my regimen, beach push ups)… but in any event, had a wonderful time with Kiki yesterday. When I figure out how to blog again, I shall illustrate all the manner of ways in which yesterday ruled. As for now, it’s coffee and wakey-up time. Be back soon with more videos and junk.

This post is a grower and a shower.

PEE-ESS! Playboy Energy Drank put up my latest V-Spot!

Go read what my thoughts are!


Always more on insta!

7 thoughts on “Seagull probs

  1. Hahaha, What a fun day we had, indeed. Just one more…”One more chip or one more handful ah fuck I’ll just throw the whole bag.” “Uhhhhh, I’m in Oakville. Good times with a great friend/cousin/sister! Look forward to many more hang outs to come! xo

  2. I enjoyed the pics and video. And it occured to me that it’s time for you to start planning your winter escape to a tropical destination…

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