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Awol Ahole

Hey winter, amiright!? I’m getting outta dodge tomorrow. My bf will be here in a couple weeks and is right now traveling around some hot climate places and I was all WTF and booked a ticket to Nawlins. Last I went was December 2010. I’ve dug out some pics to ogle to inspire myself to pack and cheer up. Winter blahs. I am not pumped about having to grab connecting flights both ways, but whatevs. These beds are intensely sumptuous. I am a fan of sleeping. Everyone’s been like, oh is it Mardi Gras? I don’t know and I don’t care that’s not my scene. I’ll be there for St. Pat’s though so… hahaha.

Lets see how many more Canadian guilt feelings can I throw in here? My ear has been making me all out of sorts too for too long so, “I need this”. Except for all the bad plane news of late and my connecting flight anxiety, I know I’m actually hella stoked.

2010 Raymi lol. I bought actual summery clothes to avoid goths at the beach again, don’t worry. This will be my third time visiting Weswee in Nola.

Dreamy. Love it.

Startin’ to get pumped.

It was all Xmas’d out too. Can you see me, or does my blond head match the light too much? I killed a karaoke madonna performance on Bourbon street too btw.

Lots to discover.

It was a bit chilly at night. Loads warmer than here though.

Bummed about the weight I am going to gain from eating in advance.

Very good vibe town.

You got to bring your kids here.

Or your big ones.

Oh you bet your ass I posed with everything here.

See you soon Top hat rat.

And the Esplanade.

They have gold and blue everything cos that’s their football team’s colours so shit looks real gangster awesome.

Research StoryLand. It was an internet meme I knew about and read about back in my pre-vice mag messageboard days so going to it for me personally was a trip. It survived hurricane Katrina.

Stay weird dudes/ettes! xo rlw

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