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Strangely Wonderful

Raymi the Minx at Tranzac Tiki Room Toronto from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

This is me informing Dave that he has Lindsay problems.

This was a magical night indeed. Dave’s set was amazing, interactive and fun. SUPER funny. A good friend of mine critiqued my set as, “strangely wonderful” and a lot of others present for it, and not, have said it was solid. Sorry to possibly over-hype but I am now confident to move forward and be easy breezy and more wonderful and better at my comedy craft. Since Sunday, I have been catching myself “being funnier” and just practicing my material all over the place on any person, place, or thing with ears or eyes. Comedy isn’t necessarily always about being “on” or a try-hard. It’s a natural inclination and shouldn’t be forced. Everyone has their own style and thing. Anyway, hope you like it. Don’t care if you don’t too! Not like I’m gonna quit my day job or anything a-hyuk. My work bestie who cut my video said it was like a funny ted talk, a motivational thing. I have always wanted to be a motivational speaker and a lot of the audience were young so I just transitioned into that style of delivery naturally maybe.

That is totally maybe quite possibly of me.

Dave is my gay bestie meow, it’s offish. I’m his mentor too. haha

As for Damara, where to begin… she’s a practicing devout RTMite. She has a matching flower tattoo of mine. Don’t ever say I ain’t meant shit to no one. We were gonna hang today but I am tired. #CoolStory!

7 thoughts on “Strangely Wonderful

  1. I wouldn’t call it stand up, but it was an interesting one sided conversation. In fact, next time you should start out by saying this isn’t really a stand up act, it’s a one sided conversation that might be of interest to you…
    You’re very entertaining, Lauren, and I enjoyed it.

  2. ahahah awesome! good job. I had so much to say back to u the whole time – jesus i’d talk your ear off irl. also, was reeally glad u called out the pig lady on fb at the time.

  3. 1. John – this was stand-up. I just talk attacked them.
    2. Taylor – I had so much more material that I didnt get to, next time will be balls out! Talking is awesome.

  4. Really enjoyed your stand-up performance Rayms. I can tell you have a knack for public speaking :) I died laughing at the whatsapp/zuckerberg/nsa bit too. Reminds me of alex jones going off haha

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