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Can’t keep livin’ in the past booboodoodoo’s so here’s some current. New bathroom, it’s not legit pepto pink and the maroon offsets nicely, great shower. Golden. HA.

Les kitchen. You’ll see the rest once we’ve unpacked.

Last night went out to eat with mom to kick back finally after all this moving stress was over. I was looking forward to sleeping in on this glorious snowy Saturday but at 6:30am I was awoken with the worst cramps ever. Great thanks. I’m still feeling it now (it’s 2:10) eurrrg.

But anyway, dinner was delicious. I didn’t want anything social but we had a good spot right in front of the kitchen line and chefs prepping cooking plating and sending. My mom took a million pictures.

This guy was entertaining to watch.

I was all about the food. Moroccan chicken stuffed with tomatoes and some kind of cheese I forget. Rubbed potatoes were excellent. We shared a breasoala salad as well.

I keep coming across all the ridiculous things of my life while moving, unpacking. Memories.

I want to get rid of all my paintings so they don’t spoil in storage. This can be claimed. When I get rid of them I will start painting new ones. I already have a piece lined up for commish. The back story of this original quote I painted and made up is, I forget, but it came to me and instead of tweeting or blogging it I painted it. Yes. I stamped it. Stick that in your bonnet.

The back is one of my favs too it’s legit, a stretched canvas with back wire for the ultimate hang and comes with this wonderful wood frame. Put it in your ungrateful teenage hipster daughter’s bedroom or your dickhead dad’s den! XO RLW.

I hope you appreesh these ones because we’ll be going back to Amsterdam or whereverlands next, I still have a lot and there’s nothing you can do about it. Who is watching the Supes Bowl tomo? Where? I have bets placed again haha YOLO. The whole office does and there is no way to control the numbers or picks.

My room is coming together, great big window. View of lake. You might get sick about me talking about the view.

Terrified Rocky. He clung to me. He still is all mixed up, hides, appears for a hang, for more clinging then hides again amidst the box labyrinth.

No mo selfies in this mirror. Bittersweet. Change is good though I suppose.

I bought these for someone and they didn’t care I suppose, it’s fine. They say that when you buy gifts for others you’re really buying something that you’d want yourself. These live at work now with me and we are 1/10 through colouring in the hello kitty drawing on the xmas chocolate box from my secret Santa. I am very adult.

When it gets a bit milder I’ll wear this some day. Vintage power suit. I’ll have to start chewing toothpicks and resting them in a glass ashtray as well.

I went shopping and was bored by it after buying one thing, then struggled through underwear. I was coming down with something unbeknownst to me. This is a Jay Manuel. My wardrobe of flowery, bold, understated print ranging to hipster metro is expanding. My bf’s closet of work shirts is impressive too, many crazy prints and they go all out with the colours too where pink is the manliest of all. I wanted to go shopping today but snow storm period lazy. Maybe tomorrow before the super bowl…. What time does it start dear diary?

Me and my rock and roll popple (bro got the electric blue one of that) and my bumble lion from the show the wuzzles. My hair was braided because the next day something important was going on, no wait this was actually Christmas morning and braiding was the crimping for the peeps who kept it real in the 80’s.

Uh yeah.

Last Sunday. Mom left the keys at Earls, but after searching for them in the wet snow and no scarf that was enough for me. My immune system cannot deal. When we went back for them I was like lets just stay for one more drink. I seriously just work, go home and work and am fine with only “doing something” on weekends to a point but there hasn’t been a chance for anything-but during this moving period so maybe now I will get a life?

Best salad ever. That’s only half of it. This is the year of the big salad. I hope we get Chop’t here.

I put left over dye in my conditioner bottle. #gangsterish

Burrito bowl whaaaaaaat.

Guess it’s a good time to bust out that new ice tray.

Goodbye view. Just want to tell you that the view here right now is so totally worth it. So writerly inspirational. Thx bye.

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  1. RE: “Just want to tell you that the view here right now is so totally worth it. So writerly inspirational.”

    That sounds awesome. I’m sure you’ll make the new place awesome, too.

    I’ve been following along your posts. Long distance relationships can be so intense and exciting — and sad. It takes a lot of work and love but so does any relationship, eh? all the best <3

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