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Mo euro mo problems

Hi pals. Your favourite weirdo is here again, continuing onward with my pics from abroad. Here we are in Germany. These gloves are a little MJ no?

Long distance relationships are intense. A lot depends on them. Though it somewhat feels like depending on a ghost, you don’t quite believe it yourself. When they randomly say certain things that help solidify your vision of the future you’re like, oh really? Really. It’s nice to have a backbone. I mean, it could be just so easy to be alone and “wait” or, I don’t know. It’s just really great to have love period. It is also whimsical to be with your love in Europe. Everything is heightened. Demanding. There’s no bullshitting. In the dating world, there is a lot of bullshitting. When you’re on the other side of the fence of that, it is appreciated.

I felt like a different person in Europe too. Like I looked different? I didn’t care, but cared in a different way. One thing I think is, if we are going to stay together and marry, have kids, how are we going to do that with me working here and him there? It’s a thing I don’t obsess over but am for sure aware of. Women have windows. TMI whatevs, assume half the people who visit here just skim anyway.

Okay I’ll stop headcasing now. Lets check out my experiences!

Lots of horses and cows, sheep, etc are seen in the area of Holland and Germany where we reside and eventually becomes a so what thing. But here, no, you do not see a gorgeous show pony every other property you pass by. I told people at work I milked cows, they believed it lol.

Happily, he captures the idiot moments too where I demand a photo opp but don’t know how to rock it yet.

Each town/desty you go to is like this. Magnificent. Not in your face, but, kind of. We’d have like one of them back home (The Distillery). Do not take the Euro design, oldness, zoning, anything for granted because once you go home it’s so different. You will develop a keen eye when watching movies placed in Europe and kind of weep.

What is this? I don’t know but take my picture in front of it.

The smell of his pipe stunk up the entire section of this euro labyrinth of shoppes so much so I took a sneaker picture. Then we smelled him half hour later somewhere else. SO obnoxious. Don’t get me started on cigars or pipes.

That’s my monkey.

That’s, German merchandising store-fronting.

And shoes. Do these look particularly Euro to you, or whatever? Can’t tell after some time.

He tried to get us to have a snack and I declined because I wanted “real” dinner but, we should have in hindsight because we wandered around and around for awhile, lost, trying to find the best place. Fungry.

Guess what COORS!!!

Well, if you’re gonna buy diamonds…

Being in Germany, two days before you are leaving, as the sun sets… feelings.. This picture is my desktop bg now. Okay that’s all for now I’m toasted. I wrote this last night. Bye now.

ps. check out Playboy Energy V-Spot if you’re jonesing for more Raymbo.

One thought on “Mo euro mo problems

  1. The reason I come here is for the headcasing and TMI-ng! ;-)
    Not to add any undue pressure of course as I do read every caption while skimming the photos.
    I’ve been experiencing random things being said by someone close to me which makes me think more about the future from many different aspects. I can definitely relate. Thanks for posting!

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