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My time is limited, henceforth valuable.

I am ripping myself off for my blog birthday yeah fuuuuuckeeng right I’m awesome. Maybe I’ll give you a little more 411 on some of the randoms I’ll come across as some images in my archives seem to have disappeared/didn’t make the migration SO I cannot do the chronological blog year 2000-2013 of a photo of me from each year, I will try to stay true to that but here’s a smattering of oldies from each era. Lol.

ps. Joey and I up there are being interviewed about something here, Net Neutrality mayhaps. Then we spoke on a panel about it at the Gladstone an everyone said we sounded like Paris and Nicole afterward. JEALOUS. We were like, you need help? You gotta dumb this shit down for reals. Then they got all geeky on it. See exactly my point, if no one cares no one helps. Stop it. We mean girled them right back. Daps Sass. xo.

Well here is one of me from my London/Oxford UK my tube pass mug shot and I look like a Japanese cartoon character. Note I was a devoted Vice, uh devotee since I was 16. That is where Invented Raymi the Minx on their message boards I was very passionate about that and lurked them from England blabbity blahhh. I blame this cut on Milla Jovovich i was like I look like that bitch and she is rocking that f-ing haircut in Joan of Arc ughhhh. I was in England for a Writer’s Craft Journalism course that I aced. I partied but I didn’t miss a class.

I also like to draw did you know that? I have a side idiot art blog called DRAWING BAD. Indeed guy!

Don’t ask me how old I am here but wow, just wow. Embarrassing an awesome at the same time what nerve I had man also what nerve being so awesome. This got flagged on youtube I danced to something else and an illustrater sketched me as a cartoon, I’l track that down too remind me they’re awesome.

Oh here they are. Ok tht one is huge I’m too lazy to fix it.

Omg his stuff is amazing he has done a lot on me check it out. Much obliged thank you.

I’ve never seen this one before and I think it is based on this video of me being a hippie.

Wow I can’t even watch that one lol.

Here I am on my ten year anniversary party and wow what is this pageant wars? YES ALWAYS!

This night was nuts I could have bagged a famous bro but I went the high road. Carly and I lost our shit about it in the bathroom though and we were also in the middle of hanging out with Uncle D the Ass Man all in all and insane night but super fun and weird. This is the basement of Tattoo.

One of my first talks and I rocked it and I was nervous and Sean Ward and I drank beer to pre-game the jitters then it got fun and I learned a lot plus became rather pumped up about myself and here I am actually showing them my traffic stats which were mega insane at the time but OMG unheard of today! LOL. I made them pay me too that was important. Official.

This picture is gangster. Sorry for choosing all the same hair era pics I shall try to diversify I think I’m stealing your bandwidths too a am searching in flickr for raymi the minx.

Me at 19 in NYC. That was probably one of the most cray periods in my life, well one of two but all rock and roll pure n through and when my blog first exploded into popularity I was a cult hit Two years in. Now I am as boring as marmalade heehee.

Warwick Castle, me 17. Being a cheeky piece of shit. Look how hopelessly I dressed, that hair had many different elements I was also into Republica, was in England it was cutting edge. I choped off Rapunzel waist length blond hair. I am an idiot. I altered my life.

Me last September with hair extensions in. hair hair is getting to be long yeah yeah I say that aaaaaaaaall the time. These extensions are in Holland right meow.

She Does the City made this about me. Jen rules. Congrats on the Baby!

Err me in a fat period in NYC 2006/7?

March just before I met my bf in Aruba, In this photo my life is completely different an I have no idea whaat every pohoto is like that then haha nevermind. This is doing my head in “looking back” and all that. Al owe rented a movie. It’s my dad’s actual birthday. How odd is it that I should start a blog on the same day as his birthday? It’s all in my archives check it out yourselves.

Fan art.

Me in Oxford at 17.

When I was on the front page of Youtube.

One of my blog banners from when I was 25.

My roommate when I lived in Brooklyn. We were together when 9/11 happened. She has twins now an I am now the age she was when we lived together.

Nana Papa and I just chilling out.

Blondetourage <3 4EVR.

This is my vimeo avatar and I am never going to change it ever because I will never ever look that good ever again. Well maybe we’ll see haha.

20 in NYC. That restaurant is gone now.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for watching :)

quad blogger from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Julia Blogerts! 14 Years and you still won’t shut up. I’ll always be your Raymesy.

8 thoughts on “My time is limited, henceforth valuable.

  1. Oh my gawd I just posted a reply on the wrong post, sorry about that, !!! Doiiii! Here’s what I wrote, for THIS entry, !
    Wonderful post, Raymi! Hey I play this game called Draw Something2 & you might enjoy it, it’s like pictionary and you can make some righteous pics on it. Anyway, many people use the word drawer & I questioned it to but apparently it is a word, just seems awkward. Anyway thanks and congrats on your awesome blog!

  2. aw I enjoyed this trip down memory lane very much… Also fun remembering where I was in my life along the way (see? I don’t even need my own blog ha). The lameness of this comment cannot be helped b/c these are my true feelings.

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