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Thanks be to awesome

Hi Monday, how was yours? Here’s all my favourite songs (and their awesome vids) of the mo’. My blog was just mysteriously down for a bit there and I blew a gasket, Monday is a harsh mistress ain’t she? I’m just going to stop promising you guys things for the next little while because I just can’t follow through all de time. Namaste. I super intend on loading you up with a decent blog post tomorrow though okay? I’m already overdue my V piece and like I got a full time gig now which takes first place obvs blogs sorry. Maybe I’ll get a second wind before passing out, but maybe not. I go to bed earlier now even though you think you can fool yourself running on like no sleep and still being a functional human being the next day, in high school sure yeah but as a 30 year old. Um no. Can’t. Also it’s just that some woman on my mom’s facebook got me all steamed and I gave my barely any energy left reserve up to that plus had some running around after work to do making that me-window that much smaller can you imagine if I had kids I’d be flat-lined right now. LD BF combo that and toasted yo.

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