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she resonates i relate

Bonjour mes amis. I’m chilling at the library because I sent my laptop out yesterday, day from hell but at least I’m not Rob Ford kinda yesterday. I was just going to bite the bullet and buy a shitty laptop but what’s the point when mine can be repaired and has a faster processor yada yada AND this new job I’m in the running for I won’t need my laptop they’ll have one and like I’ll have time to dick around on mine anyway when I’ll be working. But the timing isn’t optimal, I was able to send a few writing samples out and a collection/assortment of links blabbity blah all before the thing went to toast forever. Anyway when it Raymes it pours.

Also anyway, the exciting thing about this library thing is that some guy just barfed and they’re all freaking out, called the ambulance so it’s nice entertainment, well not nice but just asshole nice you know not like he has a tumour and this is the moment they realize he’s dying like crazy but who knew librarians were secret doctors (joking they aren’t) cos one is asking him all these medical questions. I kind of just want to go over there and be all, what the hell is going on just tell me hurry quick I’m busy, thank you. I, like many others, feel self entitled to all information. Period.

This is what I look like really tired and squinting. Just shine a light in your face and it masks the deep bags under your eyes. BTW you can’t tell here but my unibrow is looking killer. I hope no one ever makes me wax it. I live in fear of that. I should dye my hair today, soon at least.

Dutch bathroom downstairs. BF and I speak 20 times a day I think we’re like tracking each other, I still feel connected to him he’s here but he’s not but it’s okay blah blah I’m just being an emotional island recluse and drinking through it secretly. Cat’s out now. Everyone in the writing industry drinks, you drink to write, to deal with pressure and you drink and write yourself to death pretty much right? That’s my plan anyway haha.

Everyone is acting extremely busy and flustered just because a guy barfed a little bit on a table. I think he is really digging the attention and going with it. They just pushed the stretcher out without him on it see told you. He does seem like a hot mess though I bet he partied last night.

Focus focus. These are just a few pictures I uploaded during a me-time computer blitz, I think all my blitzes take a toll on the machine I think the motherboard needs to be replaced. We’ll see.

This was my first day in Holland. We drove around just a little bit, I was exhausted and it was later in the day we had nap and reunion time ;) first.

I worked out for the first time in months with the trainer and my mom/lois and the pain I feel from that session has changed gradually moving from chest to arms well yeah mostly all around there like under arm chest muscles lifting your arms in the shower wtf-ery. That’s bad. I used to lift free weights everyday but out of sight out of mind. I want toned arms again I think that’s my eternal lifetime want and desire, toned arms.

This was crazy funny because the quality of the video was bad (youtube) which proves the animal kingdom instinct and recognition thereof by Rocky versus some tampon commercial passively staring but not connecting with the visuals shows that he’s not as stupid as we thought. He watched this antelope (elk? OX? Big thing?) get taken down by an alligator in some mud and we didn’t even want to watch that clip he ran to the tv and sat there for the whole 6 minutes, it was the best.

Okay I go now back to werk.

Happy Friday, sweet November.

Oh gee.

4 thoughts on “she resonates i relate

  1. If the mayor really is smoking crack, why is he so overweight? How do people know what was actually in the pipe? Maybe it was weed. Is this all still in the realm of hearsay?

  2. My gosh your arm toning goal is a good one, I used to always have tonage in my arms then one day BAM major flabby old lady arm flab horror, not sure if I could ever reverse that

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