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Septembre V Spot


V-Spot 3: Psycho voicemail from a guy (warning screamy swear words).

So this chick pulls the brakes on meeting a bro from the internet who wanted her to commit to 30 days of exclusive dating (unheard of) and rightly so cos he completely loses it on her over voicemail (who voicemails anymore anyway, red flag) plus it turns out he had a previous arrest and harassment charge, well la-dee-dah. Note to selves: when we have a weird feeling there’s always a good reason for it so listen to our guts, amen GODDAMMIT AMANADA!

For more of my Viral video selects of the past week go HEEEEEEEEEEEERE. I also really adored V-Spot 9: Wedding trend forecast: Slow-mo Photobooth compilation vids

Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth from Super Frog Saves Tokyo on Vimeo.

Hell yeah sign us up! Love watching the personalities of various wedding guests shine through, who looks drunk and who can bring the funk from the wallflowers to the peacocks a keepsake like this reveals it all and it’s awesome when the relatives get in on it too. Very enjoyable to watch and I dunno who the f—k these people even are nor care!

More V-Spot vuh vuh vuh v spot. Already cooking up the next one the vids just keep on coming you should see my folder collections oy vey spot. Happy Monday Love Raymbo Bunnylicious.

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