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provoke promote

I swear I’ll brb just after we complete a small gorilla’s worth of laundry. At Nana’s. Where there is no wifi. Summertime break schedule. I love how “I was at a wedding” and thus in recovery mode is an acceptable excuse for the following week. A lot to catch up on. But here’s a teeny taste til I have time to tuck in and do a super post. THUPER POST.

Actually this post is pretty thuper.

xo rlw.

4 thoughts on “provoke promote

  1. I don’t remember beachwear being so… garbage when we were youngins. Or maybe we were just lucky that proper grunge was cool and not stupid ghetto sayings on neon shirts and shorts. They have the same crap at Sauble. What is happening?! PARTY SLUTS TWERK! Good luck, girls of our future.

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