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Hey there friends hot enough for ya? Today it’s going up to something like 41 my bro just said, yikes. Don’t know why I even bother washing drying and straightening my hair cos in this heat it’s just impossible to keep un-gnarly then we always end up at the pool.

Jealous of mom right now she’s in Florida for 2 weeks. Wahh. We’re having fun though so whatevs.

Saw Shannon on Saturday had a great time, missed her. She’s getting married in August WHAAAAT. Shower’s on Sunday should be a fun day.

I’m loving how much my dutch (diva) bf is loving Canada. Remind me to update MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY tumblr I gotta stay on top of that if I don’t make notes of all his little quirks and flip outs I forget them. Anyway, he loves it here big time.

Went to the pool again yesterday and will probably go later on today despite being told off for sitting on a flutterboard and feeding seagulls.

I didn’t even know Shannon had all this extra space on her roof like the entire roof of the building, sweet. Reminds me of New York.

Picture posin’ time.

Bf’s camera makes this one seem like garbage now even though it’s still pretty wicked.

Party people spying.

Baby and Justin Bobby are the cutest cats. Sorry guys can’t come out.

And I still have so many photos from Holland to blog, enough for a life time.

I lost ten pounds, possibly more while I was in Holland I have no idea how or how much cos I was eating so many exquisitely ridiculous things including carbs and a lot whilst over there plus I don’t rememer what I weighed because I did not want to know. It’s probably from not drinking which I’ll continue to not do while here and the heat has made me lose more so hopefully by summer’s end I’ll be a fit thoroughbred once again. I should probably start jogging too. We are pretty (hyper) active and go for walks often which is great great great too. There’s something about being in your own environment that makes it easier to just go out and do more stuff plus the backyard in Holland was an over-run jungle and bf had so much work to do before we left. I miss biking there though, and sister.


Four wheel drive Taurus makes our last car look like a Grandmamobile.

It’s nice to be by water again, discovered a teeny little beach yesterday (Not telling where!)(though you’ll probably discern it by my future pics) that we can actually dip our toes in the non-dirty lake Ontario water and sit in the sand but it’s tiny and will def be loaded with people in no time.

Nana and Papa were out at the casino when we dropped by so Auntie held on to their gifts I guess I should call her today to get the scoop on how awesome a grand daughter I am.

Jules thought that was an engagement ring haha I bought that at the airport on the way to Aruba it’s costume junk jewelery and a little too big aka obviously not real.

En route to Amsterdam by train, very convenient that.

Candy everywhere. I have to start flossing again and bleaching my teeth now that I “casually” smoke. Once we run out of euro smokes I’ll probably quit, tried a Canadian version of Marlborough lights and blechhhhh. Okay more errands to run bye bye I wrote this entire thing while talking with bf the whole time and it was annoying I forget everything is foreign to him here and I have to explain everything like, yes we have a toaster you can buy bread and so on kay peace. (promise I will wear a different shirt today haha).

4 thoughts on “Canadorks

  1. You have fabulous stems for LIFE. It’s cool that your BF came back to Canada with you, I’m happy for ya. :)

  2. Baby and JB are banned from the patio… Baby decided to jump onto the neighbour’s roof and give me a heart attack. Bad Baby! I knew the cats would jump roofs at some point how did you get her back?

    Sunday will be FUN! It is 80’s theme = animal prints = hellz yea! haha

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