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Taurus tourists

Dropped off our first rental today then headed over to the Media fleet HQ to pick up our new toy the super amazing 2013 Ford Taurus which is even sweeter than our last pretty sweet ride (a Chevy Impala).

The Taurus is faster and far more luxurious (it has wifi!) a sun roof I mean “power moonroof”, V6 engine all the spoils and gadgetry any road warrior could ask for we are definitely going to have fun with this baby and we’re becoming well acquainted with all the features.

We pass the Ford plant on the highway all the time, BF asked my dad if we were allowed to go have a look-see my dad’s like sure! I figure why not it’s an Oakville landmark I’ve seen my entire life so that’ll be on this week’s to do/go list for sure.

The interior feels like being in a spaceship, you feel very safe and you gotta love leather.

Super happy.

Thanks for making our week guys!

Off to the pool, more car tales soon vroomity vroom. :) You know me I’m all about the car videos so brb with one here as soon as it uploads, we got a new camera as well the quality is uber amazing it has 30x optical zoom IT CAN SEE INSIDE THE FUTURE. Haha he actually just disappeared in the car “to go shopping” while I computer love geek out. Oh boys and their toys.

2 thoughts on “Taurus tourists

  1. omg when I heard the word Taurus I pictured the old models too glad to erase and replace with the glorious dream that it is today, push button keyless ignition is dope.

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