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V SPOT makeover

Yo bros! Playboy Energy Drank got a makeover wuhoooozers! Check it out and go under“>V Spot to see my next round-up of internet wacky crack video compilations. Here’s a taste of one of my favs.

You think you can dance? Yeah that’s what you think. Now watch this ten year old school you to pieces. This is Kaycee Rice and while it seems a little inappropes for a 10 yr old to dance like that, the PBE jury is out on that one cos it’s quite commonplace these days for girls to be all growed up at so young also she’s dance-owning and not like, being sexual about it like pageant creepy plus she’s major athletic and definitely superstar to-be successful, music videos in outer space who knows other than time to hit the gym instead of watching this on repeat. Kay maybe just one more time. Ps. It gets super good bananas at 0:33 seconds. JEALOUS.

3 thoughts on “V SPOT makeover

  1. I liked the ending.
    I wonder how much she wants to do and how much her parents force her. If she wants to be a dancer then it’s fine, but if her parents are forcing it upon her, it’s not.
    Did you ever see the movie, “Little Miss Sunshine”?

  2. the second song is xtina xaguilera’s bobblehead from Bionic… i listened to it on repeat like a month ago. Full circle! ahha no she is everything i want to be when i grow up. also you are a better gay man than i am. i am not even that into this “dancing” shit

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