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If you love me let me go back to that bar in Tokyo

Hey mes amis happy Canadork Day! Went for a 4k walk around 2 in the afternoon, here’s a ton of pictures of it. Next time no flip flops.

One of my fav fields cos it’s beside this forest I’m sure there are (and there are) plenty other more potential favourite fields out there no offense to them.

It was sunny and a little cloudy and warmish. This is the coldest summer ever, it’s like, not even summer pretty annoying but also alright cos “it’s Europe” and gets a pass because of all the European stuff but if this was Canada rockin’ this bs weather I’d be super pissed.

Vamping in da bush.

Fabulous pajama tee. I kinda want like 50 more of them then I’ll never have to do sit-ups ever again.

I look like I’m at the mall.

Or a sleepover.

I think you guys should/would/could appreciate how un-priss I am/we are these days it’s sort of funny when we head out to feed the ducks in whatever house garbage attire we’re wearing and run like hell through the park to the ducks I actually stopped and laughed at how absurd we looked when I caught a glimpse of our reflection in this little gingerbread house window. Don’t care no time no time ducks ducks ducks. Quack.

The pointer sisters were out today.

I still don’t know what this shirt says no time no time! Sis got herself the same one.

Just taking my millionth breather. Hey If a hipster falls in the forest and there’s no one around to instagram it will you still laugh your head off? (The answer is yes).

Cool posture Lauren.

This post is inspired by caffeine.

Oh look it’s me again surprise.

20% amazing.

20% stupid. I dunno clearly trying to come up with a joke. Constantly.

One of my favourite WTF forest things. I wanted a picture of me framed behind/within those branches but someone was over it.

Another wtf I love.

The walk is almost over thank you for paying attention this long.

You’ve seen me in this field before.

I look like an insect.

These are all over the country.

So Peter Rabbit of me.

Hi again.

Nature lover out.

9 thoughts on “If you love me let me go back to that bar in Tokyo

  1. Weirdest post, thank you :) I was totally like wtf this is fuct until the peter rabbit part, then I was like, yes ok I can handle this.
    Possible 20%er… 20% off sticks and mud, mud and sticks????:p

  2. weirdest post? Girl you must be on the weed or something, I commune with nature all de time this post is filed under TAME. The 20% sign reps the inclines of certain hills cos people mountain bike lol mud and sticks CUUUUUTE.

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