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Method Blogger

When I landed we got to stare at one another for forty minutes through the glass as I waited for my luggage. Frustrating. The phone started dialing and I bet a phone somewhere on the other side rings? I got spooked and hung up though.

This is in the kitchen. I love it.

1 tulip at the airport. 80 at home. Don’t forget the soup.

Whoops. ALL good now, separated in to two vases some just couldn’t reach the water cos they were all stuffed in to that tiny wine cooler HAH then we left them in the front window with the curtains closed.

The table is going to be replaced but not from ikea he says. I’m all whatever about it but it’s nice to do the whole playing house thing. There’s a lot of vintage dutch around here too, love retro design and the bright colours despite some thinking the 70’s were tacky with all that orange, it’s not for everyone. It’s hot out today, well, winter is definitely gone and it’s 21 I see it’s going to be overcast in Toronto? I check your weather before you wake up. When he gets back from a meeting we’re going to go do some Dutch stuff. Also as an aside I explained what a Dutch oven was and he does not find the duplicity as funny as me BUT he does perform them on me so I think that he actually does now. Fuck it’s always outsmarting, out-witting and out fucking with over here my brain is constantly being stimulated combined with love and in Holland it’s romantic and crazy, but normal. Going to the fysiotherapeut was funny I kept having to hide my smirk. Normal to them, not normal to me and I’m not even walking around baked all the time so the normal is even funnier because I’m not imagining it. I had my lubed foot rubbed by ultrasound from a guy wearing tight mustard corduroy pants in front of my boyfriend and I’m trying to speak english with the doctor while he’s jerking off my foot in a cuckoo clock designed modern fun house of a clinic and it was normal, it was normal, but everything has a keebler elf aesthetic to it. I like it I really do. I think I’m just fucked in the head in general and I get lots of laughs out of life, moving on. I’ll show you pics later on, I go back Friday.

I didn’t ask what’s under those tires but farmers use them to hold down their ______?

Old men and their cars that they baby/adore more than their dumpy wives (no offense) they sat at a table directly across from their babies and eyeballed them like hawks. Brit cars in Germany. BF points out every single car of interest to me, make, country. There’s lots of cool ones. He’s getting a new car too I forget what. I don’t have a blog name for him yet so I just call him he or bf, that’s good enough for now.

Common house shade but like everyone has them, like one house got one then everyone got one, ranging in colours, I’ll be sure to ask why.

Front hall.

Pre-donair carpaccio I made salad too. Holy fuck I am a total house wife now I mean I’ve done it before but sometimes I’m like how the hell do I do this again? Luckily I have mad foodie skills. It’s neat to see how someone else cooks something a different way, or cuts mushrooms different, it means debates on everything. EVERYTHANG. Like WWII I am this close to saying my grandpa dropped b*mbs on Germany lol but it doesn’t matter cos he’s not German maybe I’ll save that for next week when I meet Christine and her german bf wtf small world right go look.

It’s a late spring though the trees haven’t gone green yet but there’s cherry blossoms blossomed. It’s still very green and gorgeous otherwise the grass is all new.

Hair is getting long. Next on to do list is to trim the ends, a teeny bit, and, myself back the hell off my hair I will stab you.

This is where I live. Ha jokes.

German gas station, were grabbing beer for our donair date.

I wish this was taken during the patch of sun but it’s not. He’s done his meeting now so I better finish this crap up stat.

We have this in Canada right? I swear we do?

Waiting for our snack.

This is what they call a snack, it’s cheap and there are long line-ups and a place down the way copied their style and built a place like it but they have no line-ups.

It went up from 2.50 euro to 5 though.

So good. We shared and passed out early. We get up way early and I think that’s good, yeah? Okay bye for now I have to hang up my clothes and fix my face. Tonight we have the chicken I marinated for supper, it’s smelling goooooood. oh and ps. I’ll tell you what I meant by “method blogger”/ing later on and yes it has everything to do with Joaquin Phoenix lol WWJPD?


4 thoughts on “Method Blogger

  1. i seriously love when you are really happy. congrats on the dutch find, and enjoy it. you deserve to be happy bella. xo hkd!

  2. You have a boyfriend and you are in Europe? Wow I’ve missed a lot!! Call me when you are in town again missy.

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