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Friday afternoon couch soup time outfit, he made from scratch. Lovely.

Hey guys! When you don’t do stuff online or have a phone to constantly play with you get busy like it’s the eighties, I really like, doing stuff. Got up super early today (for a stoner) and after the best bowel movement of life in days (finally) after making smoothies and espresso for breakfast 1 I tore these chicken legs the fuck up and marinated those huge bastards. I used zero instruction, direction and had zero guidance or help. I’ve never removed skin from chicken before and even if there were instructions to aid me like I could even fricking read that shit anyway, everything and I mean EVERYTHING here is written in other languages. Try reading curry from Kashmir or wherever while in Netherlands and good luck to you. English does not really exist here, it does, but I’m not insisting on it. Anywhoo, we’ll find out later how this all turns out.

For dinner or pre-.

Today’s smoothie.

Pretty looking fire hazard there.

What’s up Dutchski neigh neigh.

This one was right up at the fence and I spooked it with the camera sound before I could get a proper posed shot.

I know right? Does this teleport to Toronto? There’s shit everywhere and I am like, is that art or is that just a, normal thing?


Warm out yesterday especially in the sun.

Except for when clouds covered it up.

Hopefully not a crip for life.

We’re both food snobs. We are annoyingly exactly alike. I have met my match. Rules.

Germs do not understand the concept of vodka soda, oh whatever.

It’s not Aruba but it’ll do.

I find it’s hard to tell the difference between Holland and Germany. Only if I’m not paying attention to how many times we go back and forth over the border points, it’s awful exciting though.

Idyllic quaint abodes dot the roads it’s like driving through gingerbreadland in a rally race the roads are all snakey and windy, narrow. Zooming through townships and green fields, pastures on and on and on.

Mundane tasks and errands are enhanced by their simplistic precision and other worldliness this side of the pond. Everything is new. Between each thing we go home and make food.

Front yard.


We got stuck here, there was construction at the end of this windy narrow road you’d have lost your shit in Toronto.

Little bit tight here I’m sure anyone sitting in this window enjoys all the cars turning around Austin Powers 50 point turns style. There was a sign after all, we ignored it.

Oh yeah it feels like I am living in the Shire too. Reality Shmeality.


Sunday Food p0rn. All of this is backwards btw. These are pizza bites, they give you garlic butter with everything. I am not eating anymore bread holy shit beer bread going to be a beast in no time.

Plus I can’t really exercise or walk much. Going to Physio this week/soon.

Crazy patio view much. Fantastic. I have no idea what that is and I don’t care/sort of recall/will figure out eventually. My brains were still fried from jet lag, and not sleeping on the plane plus nor when I landed cos we were too excited. Still getting back to sorts just now. Nothing is going to be normal for a long time yet and I am good with that.

His friend works here, told him inside that I was the best one yet. New girl syndrome. People are starting to get curious of me I will try not to let it go to my head. We’ve been selfish and kept to ourselves mostly, going to meet the sis tonight who is the same age as me. Haven’t met folks yet but that’ll happen tomorrow maybe.

This is where I got whistled at and he was like do I have to kick someone’s ass and I said he was eighty! and he goes good he will be easier to beat then AHahahah ahh. Jealousy traps. Best shit of life sometimes.

Teeny weeny cars I expect to see Mr. Bean at any minute.

Or Charlie Bucket.

Mom do you remember what day of the week I was born on? It better not be a Thursday cos that child is full of woe.

He works from home, we have a fun time. Eating and cuddle breaks, the twelve o’clock dutch biz news comes on I mute it as I don’t understand it and he’s like hey wtf!? I forget that I am the foreigner here.

Good thing I bought this at the airport. Not that I’ve been on the look-out but I haven’t noticed English reading material. I smashed my MAC foundation compact too, they don’t have that here either I don’t think. WAAAAAAAAAH.

Friday. I’m pretty tired and tired-looking here. I have a bit of a European french look in general so I can get away with it I think. He digs the natural look, I keep it simple I like my looks, coming into them, being a woman instead of skinny party machine 20-something arrested developmental brat.

Waiting for forever for my luggage, the last thing you want to do after a long ass flight like that. Took forever.

My plane. That’s all I uploaded for today have a great one. Tot Ziens!

13 thoughts on “deutschbag

  1. Nice to see some good in Raymsland! Hope you’re having a great time in Europe, iI am jealous. And I hope your foot is getting better too. Ta ta for now Minxy.

  2. Well you definitely need to spend a weekend in Paris at some point since it’s so accessible. Looks like you’re having fun!

  3. Looks like the same spring weather we have here

    Interesting , quaint, a whole new world.

    Must feel odd at times to go from known everywhere to completely unknown.
    How does it feel?

  4. The pictures of the food are making me hungry. I’m glad to see you guys are having fun! By the way, good call on the physiotherapy.

  5. Yes weekend in Paris! It’s insane just how close all the countries are in Europe (comparatively to Canada or Australia) where you can drive for hourssssss and not leave the province/state). Get on one of those super fast trains if you have the chance, makes VIA rail look like a hay ride.
    There is an amazeballs cheese factory in Edam if I remember correctly…
    Have fun!!! :D

  6. Mark it was like a bus shelter for a bus that will never come/wind breaker for someone who really wants to stand on the water lol.

  7. anne – winx ;) awwdorable lol and yeah but “trying to be good”.

    Hi Alyson, thanks for the daps. Sorry Canada is chilly, it’s early right meow (for me) so kinda chilled too. Having Aruba withdrawal bad though everything there is in dutch too so it’s not a total loss.

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