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I’m the new you

Okay hi guys.

I haven’t blogged yet because I haven’t bought an adapter for my laptop, nor d/l photos off the camera, nor turned on my phone which was typically my camera blabbity blah so sorry for not checking in sooner/being a shit blogger. I am in Holland, which is in the Netherlands. I’ve been to Germany twice since arriving. This is like bizarro world Canada. People hold hands when they bicycle ride together it’s terribly endearing/heart warming. I am six hours ahead of Canada EST so not only is everything foreign to me here (the language) communicating back home seems even more ridiculous. I love it here though. The front and back yard/garden is over run with wild brambles and flowers, the cars are goofy looking to posh. My boyfriend (swoon) drives like a maniac it’s super fun. There’s nothing but fields and never-ending landscapes of green and cows, chickens, horses, ducks. An old man whistled at me in Germany when I went to use the toilet at an Italian restaurant we went to yesterday so “I’ve still got it” you never know when abroad if your look back home translates here. I think I’ll be meeting the folks later on today and I’ll have to hide my tattoos for that, and for the second and third time as well. They will be minxed in no time I am told. This year the Queen (Beatrix) steps down so her son the prince can become King it’s rather nice of them to time that for me, maybe I’ll be invited? lol. My foot is still a disaster and there are lots of cobble stone hills and lanes to fuck it up more on, moron. It’s still sinking in that I am here, I promise to upload some pics asap. It’s warm here too, getting there at least. Mom told me there’s been a cold snap back home. If you want to email me and be my pen pal that would be agreeable to me. See how I am talking like euro Yoda now? Get used to it as the only person I speak to speaks like that too. I am excited to go to Ikea Euro Netherlands style. Because I don’t understand what anyone is saying ever I hope it doesn’t make me come off like a snob too much instead of the shy idiot that I am. I went into a schnitzel place in Germany to use the loo and the letter D and H on the door forced me to interact with the bar maidens so there is no possibility of ever slipping in or out of anywhere unnoticed and I think they told me the wrong door purposely for a laugh. My bf knows absolutely everyone so my comings and goings are announced to much fan fair yes yes hi hi it’s true I just used your facilities, as the owners wink at the sly devil what is my Dutch bf. It feels like a dream it really does. He smokes so frequently that its become monkey see monkey do, the occasional drag off a Marlboro here and there everywhere I dunno there’s something about the tobacco overseas, even in America, way less disgusting than Du Mauriers or Belmonts. I will not become a smoker don’t worry mom. Oh and I’m definitely flossing daily now I have learned my lesson.

I can’t wait to show you guys some pictures. There’s a music box screwed into a tiny wooden shelf beside the downstairs toilet that plays a cute melody I can’t recall at the moment, the toilet is from the turn of the century, the stairs are a doozy for my foot. Looking forward to getting a bike. Hope I don’t lose my tan too quickly, also, I need to figure out the kilos to pounds conversion too and maybe pick up some Dutch-German while I’m at it, as we drive around I try to pronounce words that flash by, advertisements and such and then we just laugh and laugh so. Oh right I have a blog post to post next I forgot, I’m reviewing that new bar Isabella joint on College where I ate the night before I flew here it’s amazing and the who’s who of foodie world had the place jammed you need a reso to get a table otherwise wait at the bar. Even if you don’t eat you can go there too as I spied two lithe models walking around a lot.

Okay bye now, Fraulein Raymi.

17 thoughts on “I’m the new you

  1. Fun post! Did you move to Holland or just visiting? Sounds like a great place, I haven’t been there but going in June… To Amsterdam of course ¦ -) haha

  2. Euro Raymi…Your life is so full and so fast I can’t keep up. I am so very happy for you, favorite blogger of all time <3 All the love and all the best.

  3. I want to guess D is Damas or Dames & H is like Hombres or Homme or whatever so I’d probably go in the “D” door but I’m not sure, :D Enjoy your travels, sounds like a blast!!

  4. What an exciting adventure! I’m happy for you. :) Also, I have an uber healthy friend who picked up smoking while she was in South America, but dropped it as soon as she returned home. She said the cigarettes down there had “sweet” filters. So hopefully it’s just a temporary habit! Cough.

  5. D is for girls H is for boys. I will def not remember that at all. Off to cook now. Photos tomorrow guys, bought an adapter finally and went to Ikeaaaaaaaa!

  6. haha, you found a dutch boyfriend?! Enjoy holland- it’s so great! Have fun trying to pronounce dutch “G” – a tip from one who has tried: the more you drink the easier it gets. Since your boyfriend might be like my dutch friends and never have seen the extents of his own country, try to get him to see some sights while you’re there. Groningen is a nice city in the north; Maastricht is an amazing belgian-ish city in the south. Haarlem is a very beautiful and rich city close to amsterdam, and Utrecht is another amazing central-holland city. De Hoge Veluwe is a beautiful park where you can cycle through a mini-desert area, and see a room entirely filled with Van Gogh’s artwork. Delft is a cute little town where I went to university and of course the city of Vermeer. In the summer you can do this thing where you walk out to the north islands during low tide, then catch a ferry back, called wadlopen. Tie some cheap chucks to your feet, throw them out when you cross, and bring sandals for the ferry back! The Frisian islands are super picturesque and beer never tasted so good as after a mud-soaked slog through the sea bed. Dude, you don’t need me telling you any of this since you have an actual Dutch person to give you the lowdown, but I am excited about someone else playing tourist in the Netherlands and thought I’d pass on my unsolicited recommendations, since everyone always sees Amsterdam but not too much of the rest of the country. ENJOY!

  7. Hi Raymi! I’m happy that you’re having fun in Europa. Please please drink a Bionade for me when you are in Germany. It’s a yummy sparkling drink that is a nice non-alcoholic alternative to pop. Try the red one. Also, please eat a pflaumenkuchen at the german Bakerei. It is the most amazing plum cake pastry thing with strusel on it ah mah gah. Enjoy!

  8. p.s. the bathroom is “dames” and “heren” for men/women respectively. Enjoy the first time you encounter a toilet that is flushed via a button on the floor you press with your foot. My mom came across one of those on her first visit to Holland and was completely traumatized by the experience of not being able to figure out how to flush. Also, invest in good hand lotion – your hands will get chapped from the stupid cold-only taps. Those frugal Dutch!

  9. In German women is Damen and men is Herren. Don’t know if that will help you remember, but there it is…

  10. My Dad was born in the Netherlands. The house he was born in is still there, I am dying to visit it one day.

    Have fun!

  11. Ok lia I will carry out these exquisite and important orders lol. Likewise takeitasred, I believe my Dutch bf knows every inch of this place and also thanks Michael!

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