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I don’t know why i uploaded this

But you’re welcome?

Today I had the dentist again, blood work, x-ray, banking, brunch with mom, now I have to edit my insaniac farticle then get ready for dinner with colleague for a mystery resto that’s really hot right meow, hipster caj. Dressing for mysteries, so, mysterious. Tomorrow I have the dentist again early morning for the other half of my face and my face is still frozen right now too so eating will be a trip. Holy crap. Later.

5 thoughts on “I don’t know why i uploaded this

  1. Yes I had a blog for awhile
    It had lots of traffic in the beginning
    then It got to me that I was being creeped by everyone and anyone including obsessive family members so had to go private.
    As with anything in life, eventually got tired of it and found other passions.
    Photography was one of them.

    Everyone is a blogger nowadays. Its called facebook.

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