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the visitor

Thought he was dead. First dip in our pool and noticed this guy in the drain, ewwwwww dead lizard cooties. He was just chilling from the sun but appeared waterlogged (bloated) and white skinned.

Then he got out of the drain on his own and was floating like a frozen statue by the waterfall, pretty peculiar activity so he must be sick. ps. nice tats.

He didn’t blink at all, like at all, or move so we thought he was dead also it looked really uncomfortable in there and the continuous flow of water draining through and siphoning right back in disgusted me like what’s the point of this pool if dead iguana bacteria is in it. I got over it quick knowing there are so many new foreign bacterias I am being exposed to in Aruba, I try not to be too hyper-germophobic when away cos it can get out of hand how bad can dead lizard in my mouth really be? ahaha trying not to think about it.

Shoulda seen what it looked like from the pool vantage point but I didn’t want to be a moron and bring my phone in there. Can you imagine if it dead lizard floated out of there at me aghhh. We let it go through the fence I hope he’s okay now okay thanks bye later gators.

Come quick there’s a non-paying guest trespassing!


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