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More soon folks. Ps. I’m in a music video it released today yay. – Mark Loughman’s video btw: British rocker guy, class act, classic. janes addiction and the fucking queens of the stoneage front man play on this track. im the one in the sparkle bottoms. the little old man knows john and yoko btw. He’s 86.

4 thoughts on “Raymiot.

  1. You look totally hot in that video! Not ONE ripple. My God, if that’s what I looked like with 20 extra pounds I wouldn’t be whining at all (I whine a lot with extra weight–A LOT–Christopher will no longer talk diets with me). Nice work!

  2. okay, you’re like one of one persons in the world that can wear those sequined booty shorts. i mean, maybe there’s a 14 year old somewhere that can, but dang woman, you look amazing!

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