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Raympod minutes.

Okay lets do this I have about as much time as it takes for my mother to go on a walk of DT Borington to write a post punctured no doubt by photos of my melon.

I’ve had this shirt since I was 18. Here I am at 19 wearing it.

Peeps were 0% accepting of blogging/photo-blogging back when I was 19 so I am NOT SMILING HERE.

Jacket is from Black Market. A man I used to see bought me a garbage bag full of junk when I was 18 when he visited Toronto one weekend. Now that is a story filed away.

Just did my nails btw. I made jello (non-alcoholic!) did all the dishes and thought how absurd it is being ragged on for doing normal people shit like surprise I’m not special I’m stirring ice cubes in Jello while everyone else is at work well fuck that and fuck you. I mean, all I do is think about work and work. A Trade Show is coming up this weekend and I’m meeting MY EMPLOYERS and co-ordinating shit, covering the thing HOW IS THAT NOT WORK. My hater screams bloody murder at me in comments that I do not have a job Jesus Christ I want to nail you to a cross you bitch. Oh since the contract is up I can talk about it now too, this assumed same person contacted another job I had and slandered me to the jacuzzi peeps. I work hard for the gigs I land and I need those bloody gigs too and for someone to fuck with my money like that – ILLEGAL. Also it made me feel so sickened and defeated I wanted to die someone wants to ruin me! Ridiculous. Do you want to see me kill myself is that what you want idiot? What the hell is your problem?? You are insane. Stop it. I am like out of my mind poor battling to survive and you write to my contractor and say I am a fucking skank!! Are you four years old? Do you know how much you interfere with my livelihood and the potential damage you could have caused? Luckily my marketing whiz kid colleague smoothed it over. Sorry I got mad again I guess I have JUSTIFIED ANGER PROBLEMS or something.

Sorry. I’m chillaxing now. Day 9 diet dementia. I bet it hasn’t even been 9 days it’s probably day eight BUT EITHER WAY it’s a long time not eating chips or fruits or bread pastries or sugar chocolate cookies entire showcases at starbucks omg I better shut up. I ate 3 or 4 sugar free chocolate snack packs last night and god knows how many sugar free ice teas how much aspartame can one have before they go ballistically insane? I will let you know. Can’t have plantains I thought it was a way around the no carbs no chips thing but it’s still a fruit. A Little Raymi named Nicky is also doing this ketogenic diet so we text constantly about it she is my guide I am like in a blog old age retirement home so now my Little Raymis take care of me it’s awesome.

Do they hate me because I’m pretty is that it? Because I am pretty good at posing in lamp light or something? Don’t take this to heart guys I’m practicing stand-up a lot lately too and writing it and being funny in general. I have dreams and this is me working on them.

Omg I am bawling all over myself from the sweetest email I just received from PBE HQ just now love those guys. Excited for Monday! Look at me and my no job now go. I am now composed. I guess this is live-blogging multi-tasking you know when you have like an hour, okay, when I only have an hour I try to do 5 things at once I envision all the tasks like nails makeup dishes blog email and it’s all do-able but something can F up the system like a super nice email or a nice text message. What of these tasks is most important and can it wait and I think I’m of the can it wait variety I’d like to go sniff a pear or something zany like something Joaquin Phoenix would do in The Master. Great flick we watched last night, great soundtrack too. Here’s the Get thee behind me Satan song with a hip hop beat.

Still searching for the one from the end credits but yeah if you like cults and nostalgia weirdness, P Seymour Hoffster and Joaquin boozahol erratic eccentric muse this one’s for you, something I found a bit too relatable whilst watching but anyway I can see why it was up for an Oscar or won I forget already. It’s a recipe movie, perfect. Was that nude scene real or imagined by drunked-up Joaquin? You lemme know.

The good thing about reading the blog of a single girl is her man conquests juice right? Right. Well I’m not doing any of that right now I’m avoiding all peen I mean I talk to peen but I don’t speed date peen or have a dating profile I don’t go on dates I am “working on myself” as they say BUT thanks to the magic of the internet and my chatty gregarious charming ways I have a few blokes I talk to here and there to be honest and I imagine everyone on the face of the planet does too and well very good for them but we are talking about me here so guess what, next week I am going to Atlanta.

I know. Take a drink. It blows my mind too.

I’m going to visit a new friend and how we met is kinda funny bizzoinkers and classic Raymi style and he seems my kind of crazy so why not. I am down-playing this cos I think all his pals might read this blog but stay tuned I suppose? I just don’t want you guys worried about me being boring to death now like even though I am, the new thing I am all about doing is travel and I am turning 30 (always an excuse) soooo lets see how much fun I can have if any, yes yes.

Look what I did on Valentine’s day. Some of this post got eaten but I gotta go now anyway and finally get my ear looked at. On top of all this wonder I have been deaf for a week. Not cool times. Have a rad Thursday. Make it count!  I guess.


7 thoughts on “Raympod minutes.

  1. Not sure if melons have the capacity to puncture.
    I think they just kinda “blast on through”
    Although that one appears to be sneaking out. Totally different tactic.

  2. Whoa, dude! I just realized that I have now been reading your blog for 11 years. I have said it before and will say it again…..I LOVE YA, AUNTIE RAYMBO! Keep on truckin, SON! Muah! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. I can’t remember any specific names, but I was in Atlanta for a couple of days before and the restaurants are AMAZING. It’s a city surrounded by farms so local, fresh, deep-fried everything is the theme. I can guarantee 100% that avoiding carbs in this beautiful southern state is impossible. Don’t forget to try the peach jam. Have fun!

  4. I am adamant about not blowing my diet now that it is finally working no matter how many lovely deep fried doo-dads and chips and sakes I see. Food junky withdrawal is serious lol thanks for the tips Tera.

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