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Inspiring and admiring

Prepare for battle.

Luh-ove that booth. I insisted to Leslie this was a gay bar, it was so 90’s-dated I loved it she said it wasn’t I was like “whatever” haha. It’s called Simone. Go to it.

Jerk wrap from bear burger. Great place. Our waitress was Canadian.

Oh Jamie.

Givin’er at Pianos.

Party on Wayne.

Legendary. I’ve been here before. Likewise eaten. We just ate so we didn’t again. I’m doing a no carb diet thing right now. Day 2 and major headaches ugh.

To the newbs, this is the fake orgasm restaurant Meg Ryan had hers in to illustrate a point to Billy Crystal.

Grilled Octopus is my jam it is delicious and tender juicy enriched iron-packed (I think) and also bizarre. Montreal got me in to it. As well as eating like a pig. This is right beside our hotel (the East Houston hotel) and you get a discount booyah. I have a lot more pics of things we ate and drank there too.

I am non-plussed by that zombie behind me.

Brilliant pizza, only place open in the LES that late.

A picture from below gee thanks.

Go for the drinks, bellini, champagne martini. That is eggplant “caviar”. A woman beside us at the bar had a broken hand. She was a boxer. We ate her garlic potatoes. She liked us. I love chatting to people in a different cities.

The difference between us. Hey I had to stuff a purse in to a purse and my millions of Canadian layers.

Be careful when you match your shirt to the beads curtain. Also that chick is furrowing her brow.

Plates over the mantle. Love them.

En route to Rockwood. A place Lana Del Rey played before Lana Del Rey was her name. We were listening to Ride and I was like, really? I can’t listen to this shit.

Swamp Cabbages. Fun times. Nice seeing you Walter!

Last supper. There is kale beneath that it was gooooooooood.

I don’t even know anymore lol.

The best wine I have ever had in my life. Ever.

Inoteca something or other.

Darling, how. Quite. Who wants to go back in time? Midnight in Paris much?

Good idea for a rainy day.

Ab fab.

Everyone likes this one the best so far on instagraaaaaaaaaam

Delish and spicy ginger brew from bear burger.

Happily discovered I finally have bangs long enough to fit in a bun well I have for awhile brah but it’s pretty nice as someone whom perpetually dwells in the growing out bangs stage or has had every hair style imaginable in life except “with bangs” mostly it’s groovy to maybe do it all again but with not. #realtalk.

Whoops sorry this is what I did last night. Winter hibernation.

View from room first night there I heard a song being sung by karaoke revelers and they were singing a modern day Canadian anthem, it was amusing.

10 thoughts on “Inspiring and admiring

  1. So, what did you go to New Yawk for, anyways? Just for fun? I like to travel for fun. My first 2 weeks on low carb made me crazily dizzy–good luck!

  2. Unless ur gonna use that bible to throw at someone or start a fire it pretty much useless for battle.
    I almost feel bad for the newbs who have to grow up without the benefit of Steve Martin influencing their fragile eggshell minds.
    The backhoe pic is quite grand.

  3. Everyone needs to read born standing up. Also who in the hell has my copy of it I will cut you. ken e-mail me. *the Bible is for comedic effect and it worked obvs.

  4. i love lil frankies. and it’s weird that you took that fave instagram photo from the bldg i used to work in, i believe (unless you took it from wholefoods or the museum on bowery?). LES was my work hood, i lived in bushwick.

    makes me miss nyc, i love it there. i wish i could stay forever. but i realize now that everyone (at least the cool cats) want to stay there too. that’s why there are not enough good jobs.

    i still feel for the people of nyc and their pain of their past. they didn’t deserve what happened.

    i hope you are well :)


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