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Sleepin’ in the shanty of a brand new girl

Whattagwan ready for some tasty pics?

I got mad work to do if I’m going to be all fit and fab for my thirtieth. @_@ not to be a genius or anything but I don’t think bone marrow is very good for you.

These will be the ONLY TWO instagrammed photos of the post. Promise. I’m keeping it real no matter how I feel.

The east end is a nice little town. That it is.

This joint is a cross between Dick Tracy meets Great Gatsby. Everyone was dressed the part.

Yes I made up dickhead observations like usual but I was right and all in all it is a lovely joint with a great vibe and had a good time. Invented a new drinking game rapid fire resto naming and if the other dined there they got to go twice in a row eventually it gave way to just any fucking place in the city from diner to dive to all the upscale pretentious snooty awesome ones. I feel like foodies are huge prickheads myself included – sure sure $23 tobacco Manhattan (W.Lodge) lay it on me, right? Dickfaces who don’t care if they die tomorrow. I love it. Perfect place for you!

Apothecary bev called a Penicillin. Scotch-based. Lemon tart sweet and medicinal in taste. Raymbooze approved. Scotch tastes like paint thinner to me and the lemon cuts through it nicely and there’s a zap of ginger too. Replete with garnish candy yum.

An old fascist. The names of these drinks definitely had a lot to do with why we came here. Place being Goods and Provisions.

Don’t prick your tongue with this bad ass metal toothpick like I did.

Do eat the korean fried chicken.

I should have warned you this post was going to be intense.


Then smoked ribs + a vielle carre. That’s that. Mi gone. Mi dun wid yuh. xoxo Workout tonight.

8 thoughts on “Sleepin’ in the shanty of a brand new girl

  1. I mix scotch and rootbeer together (of course never in public, i’d get verbally and possibly literally lynched for it)

    i can admit when something tastes gross (hello redbull tastes like piss but i am addicted, zero fucks given) but i’d like just once to hear a scotch snob admit to me that it indeed it does taste like turpentine!

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