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Say my Rayme say my rayme say my rayme

Went to see the Hobbizle with my bro. Couldn’t at all tell you what the f–k happened though I was pretty inneebs/coming down with something. Far out maaan, pretty far out there. The 3D was a trip. I’ll have to watch it again for sure.

I marched ahead of him got in line quick bought my ticket and waited, debated getting him his meanwhile he’s out combing the lot for me. I efficiently walk. I chart my course before I’m even out of the car. I will always be ahead of you. Then he had to wait in the long ass line and I regretted not getting a ticket for him. I knew all of this would happen before it happened and allowed it. I welcome this shit in to my life, challenges are far more entertaining.

I am on a movie kick. I have turned suburban. Bitch I’ve changed! It’s winter dormancy and lethargy. Hanging out with my brother is fun/ny and like whatever I think we are surprised at our own friendship and don’t discuss it so as not to jinx it.

Life is funny.

I ate dinner in his work van. So Borington of me. Then I prepared a movie theatre cocktail. Like I said.

Thanks mom!

Nails are getting long at the point of daily painting at the rate of painting’s failing.

Chain necklace, zinfandel, Winners GC (Thanks Aunt Alison <3!), body butter (that too!).

Couldn’t find the Keith book. Who has that? It better not be who I think.

I love this gooey balm paste. In the summer it’s just ridiculous in one’s hot purse.

I lost half of my last post and this was in it so it’s boring as fuck to deal with these images again, annoying too. But it’s the Raymi Noose so we live to blog another day.

Hot tub party again tonight.

Arwen hair. Keeping it L-O-T-R.



It studies you with its crazy chameleon eyes all the colours on your body then turns them.


Okay shower time excellent. How’s the holiday vortex treating you and yours? Bring on 2013! BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M bartending that jam.

4 thoughts on “Say my Rayme say my rayme say my rayme

  1. I used to be full-on obsessed with mango body butter from the Body Shop. I have the coconut now, for my old lady winter-chapped hands. I can’t bear to spend 3 hours in a movie theater so props to youse! Inebriated Hobbit watching is the only way. Yes 2013! I’m READY.

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