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Merry whatever

Hey guys how was your holiday?

Holy fuckola am I ever behind! For this post I will be affecting the persona of Ricky. Don’t get your hopes too up though.

“Then I get out here and I’m all stressed out and my girlfriend breaks up with me..” ahah pretty much.

Hailey bo Bailey and I. Boy they grow up fast. ZOOM.

Nana and Pops. I love these guys. I was an angelpie this year and “grown up” or acted as such and my performance received great review because they bought it. Not so much at this brunch but on Christmas.

Look how we all match. Love Christmas uniform colours. My butt wins for being the most bubbly.

Hi mom. Look I’m eating my pecan pie. Sugar pie more like. Montreal turned on the eating floodgates for me big time. I am trying to do damage control ever since but too bad everyone else I know is in love with eating right now too. Eating enablers. Triggers. It’s true.

Mom’s great on the Diane Arbus trip. I gave up my shutterbug ways long since ago kinda. I need a new camera. You’d think someone would just give me one already.

Hi girls! Besties much. Don’t you forget it idiots.

It was a lovely brunch. Relaxing. Feelings satisfying. Christmas. Magical. Holla.

In other photos the ribbon on that wreath is all messed up. I fixed it. Raymi Easter Egg.

Good genes much.

Alright, alright mimosa, turn it down.

Chocolate fountain room.


The one instance when I am not actually eating something.

Cool story Shawn.

Women fawn over me in this coat I love it.

!!!!!!!! Email me if you want a funny private anecdote about all this.

You look so cute together.

Pffft sorry waterfall soap opera. If I put this on his FB it will turn Trailer Park Boys rippage hilarity in seconds. Might do it.

We are lucky to have our grandfolks still kickin’ it still don’t you worry I cherish them. Spoke with papa some more about Jack Kerouac on Christmas. Blows my mind to hear him talk about it! Next movie I see in theatre will be On the Road without question. You are welcome to come.

This guy liked us. They always do. We are a charming bunch.

Cool story mom? Yes it’s nice.

If anyone has had it bad this year then my gift to you about that is PERSPECTIVE. Fuck me. A buncha chicks talked shit about me Christmas night and really did some damage for your hero. It’s quite sad. But anywhoo, back on the horse again.

And then there is Hailey.

We love to spoil her when we can. Kids deserve it.

Endless, endless waterfall shots hahah.

Can’t see the forest for the mimosa trees. BOOM.

Nana, don’t worry. I got this.

Merry Christmas, it’s a fancy bird that you can open and put stuff inside of/will most likely displizzle in yer hizzle.

More vamping. Love you LOLO!

Christmas Eve my family traditionally celebrates with Hailey it’s fun and exciting to do that all on xmas eve then I can snooze in Christmas day and get ready at my leisure for dinner. Tracey forgot to bring her matching sweater for the glamour shots poses. Tsk.

Ikea santa babies. We have baskets of them.

Wool socks for all this year. My mother loaded us with wool I love that she gets us precisely what we (think) we want, practicalities. Not useless junk. She prefaces everything too with, “This is the item of the season.” “THESE ARE THE GLOVES OF THE YEAR!” Oh yeah? Really? For real? Can I get some scientific data on that shit mom please?

Bro has Hailey this weekend. Gunna be nucking futs.

Dbag I could no longer reign in the beast so I did this to my mom. She pretended to be upset/loves the attention/opportunity to play martyr. Great social experiment me.

Great Sears portrait cheese. We could be a picture frame family no?

I got those too. “SOLD OUT!” Accordingto Sherlock Molmes.

It’s nice that I will look nice when I am this age.

And then she put them to sleep, because.

Hour long wrapping paper ball battle royale. #ruled.

That’s my sweater I’m like, you want it? She doesn’t really. It’s funny how we can share clothes it just makes me want to give her my entire wardrobe. She has the same style as me. Grunge is back so of course that’s an easy one and over the years I have cultivated, adopted, continued and maintained a steady collection of tom boy-appropes pieces of both vintage and other. #coolaunt.

Her school uniform cardi sweater those thangs ain’t cheap yo. She tumbls too like all kids her age it is neat to lurk and gives me heart attacks.

Thanks mom!

Fun. Will be neat to see how I incorporate these in to a future IRL outfit.

Guess what, tanning salons aren’t open on Christmas Eve. Car washes are though.

Festive. We will tan prior to the hobbit today.

Thanks Brolin. Long time Unagi (of both food and rap group) supporter.

Sean & Raymi discuss the issues from Sean Ward on Vimeo.

Your tune Shock & Awe is featured in this Retro Raymi classic video with Mr. Sean Ward!

TY Pinnacle Vodka for sorting out my wardrobe!

They gave baby a gift card for Christmas.

And I made tons of cocktails with their vanilla whip cream vodka, shared it with loads of people (namely myself).

Those were the getting ready stages like stations of the cross.

Replete with cross!

These are hot pink now. Lost a chunk of this post, no time to fix it + am pissed off about it now after all that writing! More later Love you hope your xmas was lovely.

7 thoughts on “Merry whatever

  1. you’re a beautiful person – haters suck.

    That place where your family had christmas brunch is breathtaking.

  2. The pics turned out beautifully,….especially by the waterfall,….loved the day sharing my family tradition with my adopted family, dear friends,the Kerouacs/Whites,…. golden moments spent with ” nana and papa, ” a super awesome duo,….Hailey, my sweetie, …Shawn, Lauren , and Tracey,….and for the thoughtful gifts, thank you so much.

  3. A Ricky persona is always fun! Hailey is gorg, your family has a lot of hotness genes. I like that little leopard-print dress, cu-ute!

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