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Ho ho ho stupids!


If there’s a Christmas tree beneath the tv it makes the movie seem like a Christmas flick seriously. Too bad Paddock always smells like hot cleaning agents and last night’s party. Whoops.

There’s a Starbucks and a back entrance to Union, nice find. View of Hotel Le Germain. Where I have stayed.

Raymbo straws.

On way to Raymaoke.

Sigh. We park here on work out days.

Hey where’d I put that necklace hmm.

And I went home with this. Mom had chicken strips. Boring.

What’s up Rocky.

Have fun in Texas Bech.

See you before you go go bro ho.

Dad, get this if you haven’t already read it. Also rent Taking Woodstock. Merry Christmas for the idea.

Damn. I had a wonderful selection of hot sauces at my disposal for my omelette. Components.

Thai Red curry. No rice. Limiting carb intake.

Oh Christ then I found these.

Apple caramel bottom right corner. Dope. We rock paper scissored for first draw. I won, took the best ones. #selfishjerkface #yolo hahahuh.

Mom’s pics way better (you’ll see those) but we hightailed it to Ancaster Old Mill for Brunch. It was a magical time.

Bacon, eggs benedict, crabs legs, salmon, chicken. I threw some vegetables on top so as not to look like a total fat fuck. My second plate looked like that Perogies. It’s all the mouth-watering figure shattering crap you’re like okay whatever this is the last buffet I am ever going to may as well tuck in. I didn’t have bacon seconds aren’t you proud of me? Didn’t eat the english muffin either yeah yeah whatever.

Hailey found oysters. She barfed the next day she ate so damn much. She is so our kin. Pigs. (That’s my old shirt).

The only dessert I had. I had to leave room for the 4 mimosas/Kir Royales I drank bro ahaha. I had a two hour sleep afterward.

This guy was amazed by me.


Whoops how’d that get in there. Bah-blam!

No that is bah blam. I am turning more and more in to zoey deschanel.

This, I will have to learn how to pose in.

This lost to this.

Black is better.

Nice does it come in bigger?

Merry Christmas to y’all and to y’all a good zzz. BYE!

5 thoughts on “Raymilicious

  1. I wish there was a smoother way to blend “Raymi” and “Christmas.” Oh well.. Merry Raymsmas from the United States of Raymerica :)

  2. Yawn.. Two guys that stalk you or only want to get into your pants (Hence they fawn over your crap) respond above…

  3. Wide variety of pictures, makes it hard to formulate an all encompassing comment.
    I wish that everytime you ate something, and exact duplicate would appear in front of me.

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