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What? Merry Chrizzle yo.

Yes I was just taking a ton of stupid pictures of myself, it’s because I love you but I love me more. Lets do it!

My mom gave me one of my presents early this year, it’s this red lipstick that the desk lamp has blown out to pink. No bigz y’all can still tell I have wicked lips so who cares what colour they are. I just got a brainstorm to wear my glitzy lips metallic decal lipwear when I bartend NYE yay smart attack but anyway someone made a mouth comment, err, request so then I got conceited and I narrowed it down to these winners.

Give me more t-shirts and I’ll take pics with your brand jacked all up over the place.


Blaha. My teeth are also pretty good. I owe the dentist a visit hell yeah I’m scared bro I’ma have infinity cavities and shit.

Guess who is doing aerobic triceps immediately after hitting publish. And for sure definitely stamped it going for a tan tomorrow. It’s time to get my groove back. White people who complain about being white are tiresome.

This is me after a food coma nap. I got up so I could get some proper sleep tonight, going to bed at 6:30 in the evening is probably not the way to do it.

My hair needs hairapy it must be breaking again. Winter damage dryness. Le sigh. Trim time. Maybe I’ll dye it. I’m afraid to change colours because then it won’t match my extensions. Bored of this colour though plus I keep forgetting I want to have natural hair and keep my roots virgin and I keep forgetting that because every time I look in the mirror I get disgusted by my hair. Nana likes it though, cos of the red in it.

But yeah it’s cool whatever I’ll just keep looking like a Joan Jett revival muppet in the meantime.

Rocker bait.

Fish in a barrel.

Alright I am sick of this now/ran out of good ones lol. And I just decided I like my hair again AND I am going to put in the extensions tomorrow or the day after. This blog is handy for helpin’ me think.

But wait there’s more.

So I dressed like a back-up Janet Jackson dancer for a Christmas work dinner. Go me and stuff.

Stop. Triceps time. Here I come Selena Gomez. Shh.

I want to go to there why don’t they invite me already stupids.

Guess the song.

My nose is huge-ongous, hujewungous.

The last karaoke night at the coach ever. Now it’s moving even closer to where I live NICE.

Amazing Japanese green tea, greenest ever. I think I drank too much because I started having an anxiety attack ahhaa but that’s also probably cos I was hungover too.


Magical dork.


5 thoughts on “What? Merry Chrizzle yo.

  1. Wish I had a brand that you could jack. Would have loved to have seen you again at the last kareoke.

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