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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Okay listen idiots I’ma ’bout to call bullshit on a whole lotta you. First’s off lets talk about a little thing called reality and within this realm the one that we all exist, future forecasts of death or otherwise are non-existent. I’m sorry but you just can’t see through time. I’ve tried. Never underestimate hot sauce. So IF, major if, a planet Nibiru is actually at present hurtling itself toward us at speeds so technically and measurably sound to predict its blasting in to earth then how le f did these Mayans pinpoint its overall impacting destruction to one specific day? I’ll tell you. IMPOSSIBLE. They can’t. Haven’t. We’re just not that lucky to have the world end or change. Nothing changes. Ever. It doesn’t. There is just no fucking way a meteorite is going to kill me no matter how hard I wish. By this logic, fear not Little Raymis the party continues December 22.

Mayans are said to be “super advanced” and possess technological advanced methods or capabilities necessary to foresee such End Times sh–. PUH-LEASE. Did you get a notification alert via abacus, bro?

I just exhausted myself by that pseudo-rant and actually deleted multiple paragraphs of it haha. Seeing as we can’t throw our papers in the air fuck this shit it’s Friday styles, on with tha show. NO Doomsday for you! (Soup Nazi voice).

I’ve been in town since Thursday. It feels like yesterday. It’s neat the blanket brain blur one can vacation in if one is so inclined, or lucky to be able to.

I bought a new dress. If it’s the end of the world, buy a new dress. Prescilla Dressly.

Same picture as the lead-in but hipstamatic. I’m a purist, original, original gangster, before all these filters you know and I don’t at all photoshop or edit. I like it raw. I can’t tell what is better though, what people prefer. It looks good both ways. But one way is hiding.

This is raw, it is honest and it looks great. It’s “so” Raymi. Which I feel people like, admire, appreciate. Always have always will. When people make fun of foodie instagram shots I just roll my eyes and close my ears from listening because I know I’m right. I am not boring, my life isn’t, my food isn’t. My perspective is fresh. If you have to filter a photo to make it interesting that is sad. Tell the story the first damn time you take the shot. Don’t generalize like that. The more established and it-girl the person the crappier their photos can be. They are what they photograph. What they photograph is interesting. Therefore.

Oh Shannon ILU.

I think this was a music video. It was, lame. I bet the edit will rule comparatively to IRL. Our cabbie while I took this shot was an absolute hoot I’ll tell you.

Julesy Joolzy Jules, makes them boys drools. We love her so. Welcome back kiddo.

And she still wears what Auntie Raymi got her in Aruba. Arub-aww.

Shannon speaketh of the she-devil another young looking beyotch of mine ugh.

Champers from Baby Saroox. Man I think I pretty much saw everyone I needed to. Hero did well. I know there’s always more friends to see but get in my face next time please. I’ll be back Friday so load me up buttercups. I’ll tell you where the party’s at.

Jules voted for me to wear the bottom pair. Too cloudy too cray to. Love them though.

Bluegrass brunch which constitutes/doubles as dinner, fine by me, that soothing slap steel along the strings is like goosebumps up your neck when you’re least expecting it and then you grin and you’re back baby.

JBear and I both sang back-up for a hip hop track by Roger Mooking and Lucas did too we got paid for it and we didn’t expect that so like I am totally prepared for fame once it hits any time now I can’t wait to dance to my song in “da club” lol.

The jerk quesadillas are phenom I was impressed. And mouth blasted away. Gave me a whole new perspective and shit.

Then I went to go buy some date wine not this kind though no matter how much the label tried to seduce me.

Wrap it again bro, scarf it up. I Needed a new shirt I underpacked for this city jaunt oh man don’t even start with me on the limits and bounds of outfit creationism one can do on fixed articles. That one extra day you stick around turns in to 3 and when you cave in for that it means time to go shopping.

Once you start you can’t stop. Bech and I got ghetto earrings here. I feel like I’m going to be buying tons of $3 and $5 pairs of bling in my future not to be a Mayan or anything oh snap. PS. I love Mayans btw. don’t even go there.

What it takes. What’s not featured is my base make-up/toner. I’m almost feeling up to writing a complaint letter to HQ about it actually because I hate it so much, it was so expensive and forces me to wear my glasses all the time because it just does not sit or blend well adequately with my skin at all but even $9 bottles of concealer have done loads better a job for me I am super miffed. Of course I bought it in Montreal and threw out the receipt and box but still thanks to the internet I can make a stink about it. Blah.

Very great atmosphere, food not so. And the server was very chatty, maybe hung chatty (been there) or maybe kinda crushing on me which made me have to shut it down cos I was on a date or I was projecting my own megalomania on the guy I dunno. I say no more.

Melodie asked if he was a skinhead. Ha you wish ;).

Ask for spicy. Careful what you wish for.

I exclusively seem to use the same change room in the one UO I ever go to when I go there it is a miracle I had the capacity at all to get the motivation to pick anything out period, just not at all in the mood.

This was my childhood dollhouse. Except with designer furniture. Mine had retro vintage pieces too actually.

What’s up Hef.

White wine and ice cubes = smrt. Less/no hangover.

Fat cats can be kind of awesome. Okay I just ran out of attention span And I’m sure you have too. See ya.

Wearing blankets is in, I’m always on fad. According to Fab mag’s Holigay wishlist. Yes. Holigay. I want to be Holigay 4EVR. Holy crap happy holidays guys. Missed yugh.

16 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it

  1. The end of the world is like a y2k conspiracy made up by the media. I still can’t wait.

    Fun times visit makes jbear a smiley bearbear

  2. The Mayans never predicted the world ending.. This rumour came from the fact that one (of many) Mayan calendar ends on the 21st, the Mayan calendar continues after that, just on a different calendar. There was never any doomsday prediction by the Mayans.. Stupid ignorant douchebags actually came up with the doomsday rumour by their own stupidity. AND the Mayan calendar was based on moon phases, which means the 21st of December isn’t actually the 21st of December, when calculating all the moon phases, it actually works out to the 6th of January 2013.. So don’t have a “I’m alone party” until atleast the 7th of jan.
    I don’t believe that the Mayans believed the world was going to end on the 21st at all, however because the rumour is so wide spread, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if some terrorist actually did drop a huge bomb on the date, just to be an asshole.

  3. Oo Love the new dress.
    I don’t get all the hate on instagram filters, it’s all in good fun. The filters just add a bit of extra creativity. You can’t polish a turd! Have you seen that Nickelback parody for Instagram? le awesome.
    In conclusion I like your photos filter or not, keep them coming! :)

  4. I just saw your Ryerson U interview – Leslie sent it to me.
    Did you tell the very cute interviewer, the very cute and MUCH younger interviewer that you know a descendant of Egerton Ryerson? He’s the dude for whom the University is named, by the way.
    Like your hair!

  5. Message to Shneh!
    You don’t know dick about the Classic Mayan Calendric System. The moon has fuck all to do with it. And your command of the Queen’s English is shite!
    In short, you’re an utter cunt!
    Go to for an education cuntribbit! – most of the crap there is mine!

  6. Alexis says:

    “……….You can’t polish a turd……”

    You fucking bloody well can, you high-achieving imbecile. If the little fecker scores Type 1 or Type 2 on the Bristol Stool Chart that is. In fact the fair Raymi herself once tossed a caber the density of a Neutron Star when she was in NOLA – or so I’ve been told. Polished that gem to a Palladium-like sheen and Leslie wears it as a pendant now – proudly.

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