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wanted for your likeness


Where is Bob Saget?

I am in peril of becoming suburban fat. This dress fits still so it is a good gauge. We Canadian women have to survive many winter long months yeah? We typically gain a few.

Keep them coming.

See you in Vegas.

Close enough.

Too bad I was smelling vom at the time of this photo. Sad face.

You know it’s the 12 year anniversary of this here blog this month right Little Raymis? Tell me your fav Raymbo hits and “get hooked-up” if you know what’s good for you. I have interesting shit in store for you aaaaall next week btw! :) (other brands and peeps in general get on board just sayiiiing). Anyway remember that hair I had? Look who started it.

Life is but a dream.

7 thoughts on “wanted for your likeness

  1. you obviously have a nice hand but there will come the time when u need to show ur palm.
    and yes, technically, life is but a dream. just ask Thich Quang Duc.

  2. My favourite time is when I met you for the first time and was like blahlahkdblaaah about stupid stuff I thought I had to tell you. Then you gave me a good talkin’ to and made fun of my ex. And then I got lost in Toronto. Best times ever!

  3. My favorite vintage Raymi moment, and probably the post that got me hooked, was the classic “white people with dreadlocks” rant of ’07. More recently, I’m really enjoying the deep, self-aware, reflective posts. I’m also a real sucker for anything “Team Cray”, because it just looked like you guys were having the most fun ever, ever, ever. xoxo

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