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I’m not scared of pole-tergeist

He let me start the thing meep meep and yes I am scared of that movie btw is scurry shit! Plus the girl died from something cray and all these spooky things happened on set if you watch the behind the dvd scenes that little munchkin woman who plays the clairvoyant red haired George Costanza’s mother with the squinchy voice talks about the little girl ooh shivers.

Anyway, Shannon is going to have a massive POLEtergeist Halloween party YEAH BUDDY! Maybe I can perform my pole skills at it as a hybrid burlesque pole-formance piece and we’ll charge admish. You guys just witnessed a lightbulb flicking on. I love when thoughts become things. I made a Poletergeist pun and Shannon was instantly like HALLOWEEN PARTY! I like creative people, thrive off and require them.

Someone said I was hotter when I was fat. Well there is some fat bro, enjoy!

Stripper moms!

We were all remarking on how funny it is to dancercize at Brass Vixens above the afterhours place everybody knows (Shhhhhh) downstairs. Makes you feel more normal about being a party machine. I saw one of the lofters from U8TV down there once years ago it was the lofter who looks like Slater from Saved by the Bell. I put whoever or whatever I was doing on pause, bee-lined him, told him all this super meaningful stupid crap and he was like, woah. Then I immediately went back to the person I was givin’er with (a non-op trans obviously)(who ruled btw) and kept away from Mario Lopez-look-a-like why the hell is he down here superstar. That is how starstruck I get. I do the opposite of what everybody does in situations always and that is how you get ahead in life. Turn off the fear. Do the thing so that then you can tell everyone you did it. On your blog.

The night before. I was not planning to go out and also didn’t know that they were (sneaky bitches) but thoughtthe kiddo is going away for forever after all why not hit the central vortex, why not. Steve needed to experience it so that all of my stories will make sense. Don’t you love when you start dating someone and they tell you all these stories starring all these people and then you get to walk in to one and he’s like THAT’S THE GUY WHO BLABBITY BLAH and this is the place where I fell down the stairs RIGHT HERE well I wanted to give that gift to Steven because I am nice like that. We got home at 5 or 6 in the morning whenever the sun was starting to come up. I knew it would happen. I can only do a Central shit show like once a quarter baha.

Then even earlier on that day after Magic Steve got off work earlier than usual he took me out of writing prison for a cruise on the vespa to get some sun because I stayed inside all day going stir cray, balcony cray. I needed to eat as well. We go to Sugar Beach each Saturday it seems, easier than going to the island just hop on the bike and get a burger and fart around in adirondacks til the sun goes down and we go home for a nap and a bath and a blog then a zzz. Maybe I should make a virtual calendar of our schedule to make fun of.

Saturdays I usually rip it up au natural too, freckles ‘n all. Steve freaks over them guys are so cute that they like you when you’re all gross, they like to sniff butts, hilarious! HA sorry (not sorry).

Blog spotted at the lcbo too in line I played it cool no worries, that chick was super sweet I love when people say hi to me when they recognize me I hope it happens in front of Hailey on Thursday maybe I can set up some people at random intervals to walk in to me and make me look cool. Actually some days errands take over an hour longer from all the people you bump in to around town. It makes life fun it really does, I think the city needs to be less isolating and more people should be friendly and say hi to one another.

I also like my down time, alone time, don’t get me wrong. I was criticizing and analyzing this dude the next umbrella over to Steve cos he was getting wasters and very opinionated like he couldn’t shut up it was funny and he was such a dink too. I love people watching, period. Just put any thing in front of us and as it walks by, analytical take-down. Gay dudes are the best at this I love hating with them.

These shorts are a bit Rhythm Nation.

I’d make for a fun Raymi the Minx action figure no?

Love in an elevator! Feeling me up when I`m going down! Is that the lyric?

Clem said if I was working at the Central in a year’s time then I had failed. What about drinking at the Central in a year’s time lol? I quit after 8 months. Then I started making blog bank. You must remove the safety net and jump!

And now get the heck out of here before you turn in to one of us kid. Lol. I can remember being 18 in Brooklyn hanging out with 29 yr old bros. so I understand the accelerated youths but it still blows my mind. I’m like Kaptain Kangaroo anyway I think a fig newton would even hang out with me? Sure.

Oh what a night, lots of laserbeam eyes because The Central is a cavern bathed in darkness you be careful now. I am never careful I turn in to one of my best alter-egos at the Central called RAYMIAC. I think I told off three thousand kids and yeah, it was pretty awesome HA.

What? ok.

What? ok. Raymbecca!


Obviously I was the boy this night.

This is the spot and you only get to hang with the cool kids after hours if you act right.

Gorgeous man. I love the hater comment I got today about me lying on my blog and this being a rebound. Pure jokes.

I like this one, cute. My butt is ridinkulous.

Happy Birthday Booboodoodoo coming out tonight?

Hey, you’re important to me. ILU.

Now lets hug. We were dance huddle hugging. It looked like a big giant monster jumping up and down. Team Yay Cray 4EVS.

Steamy in there.

12 hours later we were peachy keen. #professionals.

JO LUNCH BREAK. Look at that hair! Drives me bat shit. Sheep bat. Holy sheep shit batman. See!

We are sore from this but not sorry. I’m going back for more this week.

Dear Frankie kind of pushed me to the limit of my comfort zone a little there eh lol. I’ll give the other thong a whirl tonight, or maybe tomorrow for DATE NIGHT. At that special place and turns out it’s going to be viplease treatment, special attention focus for me for when I blog it I watch what I say LOL. Probably not compare the interior to Hostel (which I love btw).

How much do Rebecca and I look like life partners here exactly? Sending our daughter away to school. Sniffle.

Lots of heels to play with at BV!

Braindead after brunch at School.

Totally going to miss summer like crayzay.

Glad I had the smoked salmon endive salad I would have exploded out of those shorts if not. The pineapple mimosa seemed more juice than mim but maybe it’s cos I was drinkin’ all your drinks last night and can’t taste booze right now (then) lol. DrunkgirlTO will like that one.

Roses by Vespa oh dear, too much!

He was like that shirt does nothing for you I was like oh hay-ell no! Ha. I put my glasses in the left breast pocket and swooned in to the lounge chair while playing angry birds. Peach schnappes + peach outfit = this is not my first rodeo. Take note of my in the peach family orange nail polish. Girl, I got this match on lock-down.

Ps. I would love to wake up to this wouldn’t you? It’s so Woody Harrelson.

Flip flops too, swish.

Thinking about the future.

My other (meeting the parents) clothing options in the backseat. He took me to this winners in Etobicoke and it had a designer rack and ah ma gad secret score! I bought five things, one thing being the dress for his sister’s wedding. It’s v Jackie O, smart, chic, grown up, expensive (massively reduced of course, hello, it’s winners after all) I adore it. Size 2 too so no more chocolate bars and popcorn. Or wine. WHAT POINT IS THERE TO LIVING THEN MAN. Can you guess Steve’s signature drink? Vodka water. With cucumber. I bet all the elitist chicks are nodding their heads right now baha hi!

I am so glad for these reference videos! And that I got it right.

I knew it was the one when I saw it. Tried it on in 4 but too loose then I was sad then he found it for me in a 2. Glee.

Speaking of Glee, what is this Glee? That’s the joke I made about it in my head when I put this on my FB timeline last night.

That was the sexiest dancing dog I ever saw.

This blog is turning in to fifty shades of grey thanks to Stevesy with assistance from Sergio’s underwear and exotic flare.

I love the chandeliers. I would.

I love that faux window treatment (can’t see it here) because it feels like kindergarden house in the Brass Vixens lounge (my new home away from home), retro, pop-arty I dunno, it’s just the best place for a party and Jules loved it. It made me very happy to see her smiling and rock her dance moves + gymnastic abilities she takes tae kwon do and is really fit also young so she has endurance too she was the best one of us. Rebecca was good too. I’m the best dancer so it doesn’t matter how good I was lol. What! Just let me have something okay.

We enjoyed dancing our hangovers out right? Right!

This is the cuter pic. Sorry for the flip flops #SummerofRaymi I felt sick yesterday I still am I think I can’t tell cos I’m on cold meds but anyway getting ready was arduous I was so sluggish that after getting ready I spaced on the shoe part and just went out in my flip flops which are essentially slippers so I apologize. I go by the flip flop policy of don’t go out partying in flip flops cos you can’t get in to a street fight if necessary cos your flip flop will fly off and you will look like a pussy.

My bike ride outfit. Hey guess what I won the Stoli contest by the way. So I owe 80 people 80 favours no problem thanks everyone ILU! MADONNA!!!!!!!!!! Hotel party! VIP Party. Wonder which hotel? If I can give away my flights I’m going to give it to a Little Raymi who wants to come to Toronto! :)

Oh Aruba. More on that later. Time for a run.

8 thoughts on “I’m not scared of pole-tergeist

  1. Random fact: Poltergeist was my fave movie in my teens. I’ve maybe seen it 50 times and can recite it word for word. *uber nerd*

    In other news – you are a size 2?! Holy toledo raymsbombs. Long, Lean and Leggy to the max.

  2. Yeah I’ve been rocking a 2 since long time now :) the dress I wore for #loveaheart was a 2. Fall is the season of scary flicks!

  3. That’s freaking radical, I’m flattered!

    Keep me posted on the deets, and congratulations on winning! Material Girl and the Minxy One — great combo.

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