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smile in the nightclub wouldn’t in the street

Here we go now smilers, happy Saturday. I am in writing skitchen all w/e long and going bizzoinkers. I’ve been really stressed out lately and busy, moving, unpacking, “recovering”, blabbity blah so I’m dipping in to the bloggy thing for a minute to recharge, get out some adrenaline/anxiety, catch you up on your fix ya junkies.

This was after dinner at Lee. I will get to that part. Of course every inch of the way was captured. Steve is going to roast me in form of guest blog post soon btw example: “Dating a blogger is very hard.” Oh shit.

Bradley Cooper ooh ooh.

Such a Jem pose, cheesy, don’t care.

I really love my Dear Frankie duds. I don’t even want to wear them I like them that much “special occasion purposes only” but I wore the bandeau bra out today while biking. I love fancy lingerie makes you feel more in control of your woman stuff, hotter, legit hot like a girl out of a cosmo spread having a pillow fight with her perfect model boyfriend whee thanks DF.

There we go that’s fun.

Here I am like oh look and then we will put MY brand on THEIR brand and then we will be billionaires. Basically.

Dinner baby and boy was I ever a baby. Steve got us a bit tips before we got there, and long story short I was like I have to eat now we have to leave now like when dudes are hungry how they get super moody lets not talk until the food gets here nuts, that was me plus worky things and just non-stop interruptions. When you change your life and dump it on its head everybody wants to talk to you about it and then you re-form bonds here and there, things generally get busier, you are gossipping your balls off 24/7 plus your events and typical city girl worries that seem to take up a lot of time/headspace/omfg lets eat or I am going to put on a straightjacket. The shorter version of all that simply, “was I ever a baby” but it was alright no biggie, kind of indulgent to cry in restaurants. I’m a fan.

What’s up guys.

Mini hamburgers and hot dogs “that is what”.

Einstein is spinning in his grave.

SWOON. I want the Dear Frankie dress for around the house now please!! The spanxy thong will come in handy for all the cake I’ll be eating over the next 3 days lol.

The tables at Lee I love. I’ve only been once before and I think I felt like I really had to explain in minute detail why it was okay to annex the place back from the one previous experience I had dining there.

Which is how we select where we eat and habit, based on past dates, good experiences, never been there before and if so was it just a platonic thing, was she a tramp, how crazy was she and how did it end we are hilarious. Then we tell the story and then make it so that person is as disgusting as possible compared to you THEREFORE you are the winner the end lets get a bottle of wine glug glug glug.

You best balee that shit was romantic.

I was worried he wouldn’t be able to do the slaw but he could would and did, loved it.

They mash it all up for you, it’s delish. I love cilantro. Lots of dudes hate cilantro. Massive eye roll. It tastes so fresh like freedom, you don’t like freedom? Cool.

The spicy tofu, meh. Well yeah alright but I’m like bean curd why bother why not filling it with something actually delicious like not bean curd.

I had two and made him have four. He’s picky but then he eats weird things stop fucking with meeeeeee! LOL. ILU. So much!! Your iphone alarm clock is playing bongos right now what are you a drum circle omg wake up.

Love the table so much. I love lamp.

If you make a big deal about taking my picture this is the face you get. And if I ask you to do it again, do it again. #diva. Everything was pissing me off. Ps. chopstick skills? That’s right bitch.

These jerk pork ribs weren’t pissing off I’ll tell you that.

The diver scallops were aiight, delicious, but I was getting full because I hadn’t eaten really that day and if you wait too long you make the dude eat the rest.

Speaking of, look at my slice of heaven.

Wearing that vest too ah ma fricking god I am going to go snorgle the crap out of that right now to be continued bye bon weekend.

Steve said I looked gangster with my little yellow neon band-aid.

So then I punctured my heel in to some styrofoam street garbage to manipulate him in to thinking I was adorable. Worked. I should write my own “The Game” right? He has a copy of course, he’s mad I want to read it over the wizardy one he went out of his way to buy me before Aruba lol. I am not a wizard, I may play one in real life but I like assholery in literature, I like pieces of shit jerkoffs I will leave the nice guy stuff up to Steve.

I noticed my two favourite fluorescent colours on these pipes and said we must turn back.

Worth it.


We had a good night.

This post licked sorry, weekends are a write-off.

Hope you’re having a good summer. I’m off for a stroll with the man and some grub then some pole dancing, awooooooo!

3 thoughts on “smile in the nightclub wouldn’t in the street

  1. i like that the underwear is on a plate lololol

    also i agree with the above comment- very harrison! like return of the jedi harrison. good for you lady :)

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