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my blog exploded yesterday

I love this cluster the most. I talked to the pez owner outside, I go, you’re the collector aren’t you like I was Michael Douglas and he goes yeah, I am. Calf tattoos give away everything. Especially calf tattoos of pop art kitsch toys and superheroes. I asked if there was one elusive Pez he was after and do people give him all this pez now, cos it’s “a thing”. He sighed and went, yeaaaaaaah. Anyway the one he is after is a mr. potato head with moveable pieces and it’s hard to find one nowadays with all the parts intact so lets find it for him Little Raymis. A mission should you choose to accept it. I bet we’d get breakfast for life. Or brunch cos I don’t do mornings. Fuh-uck no.

If I call you Gargamel it is because you are being an a-hole. Family burn. Shut up Gargamel!

Look what I get to eat with when I am looking like a Gargamel.

He eats buckwheat pancakes fake bacon and chocolate chips. Sadie’s is a granola haunt, no meat or booze. Fine. Lol. I’m sitting there all trainspotting greasy hair in a booth, we usually vespa over and by usually I mean one time before this but who can tell time anymore who cares SUMMER OF RAYMI.

I just got my period too! I sang I’m not pregnant to the tune of I want candy. Try it sometime, super fun!

Peanut butter smoothie and some spirulina added (I think? I wasn’t listening) and it was insanely good. Our waitress was Finnish, she was unique looking, beautiful, wearing a kerchief and short hair I had several me as waitress in diner fantasies thanks to it. Her voice was very cute. I pictured her being our maid as well and/or housemate and making us pancakes at home lolol I am just making this shit up right now guys kidding maybe kind of sort of.

Anyway speaking of maybe kind of sort of brunch can be a dangerous thing, people per chance are hungover during it and they’ve done their daily (bathroom) business maybe or are about to and you look around at some of the people like oh he’s about to blow for sure.

This omelette was the tits.

Then we went to Kensington market while Steve‘s stomach spasmed in cramps and I was like I don’t want to do this if it’s not fun I didn’t even feel like going to the market but it felt like you had to otherwise hipster yuppie day off couple guilt would sink in and then you start snapping at each other. Buying lots of junk from every store you hit helps stifle that. I tried on all this stuff at the Japanese import store and nothing looked good and that’s when I started wigging out but Steve was well ahead of me at that point anyway and then I was like this activity is coming to an end. EVERYONE was annoying, I think it was cos of the holiday hangover, post long weekend blues. Welp no one Raymes on MY parade and gets away with it.

By nightfall we were cool as cukes. Makes you wanna _______.

Ps. thank you Unite! This is my second haul of this product. Shannon at Redd hooked me up back in da day (3 years ago) when she started sponsoring my head. She did my Raymi Winehouse updo for my 10 Year Blogiversary party.

Anywhoo. Unite you’re my pro stars I look forward to rippin’ it up with you in San Diego. SD was one of my summer highlights last year spending 4 nights Solo at the Hard Rock Hotel. I’ll show Steve those posts when he gets off work. I’m prob 140lbs or so in that video.

Love my kitty ear ring.


Team Yay Cray tales comin’ right up. Have a nice lunch.

ps. my hits are insaneballs high at the moment, there are 4 possible/combo reasons for this. Hope my blawg doesn’t tank again today but if that’s so or ever happens go to my tumblr instead of the crazy house.

One more thing, please donate a crystal head skull if you want to be part of something cool. Dan’s people contacted me yesterday. Fingers crossed for big tings.

Put it out there and don’t be surprised if it comes back to you my friends.

Made a list last night of all the concepts we have in the pan for the other 20 skulls! So stoked.

The first pink one! Tried to do Hello Kitty pink. We’ve also used olive oil to try to make a lava lamp. It kind of worked. They’re going to be made to be played with and purchased. I’m going to fill one with luxury chocolate. Yes for eating. We have a cork one that we’ve been adding other random junk to. I won’t tell you what the others are though because I am not stupid. Okay fine one will be buttons and other gems from my mother’s vast antique collection. Dad do you want to make one too? We are doing one for Dan Aykroyd especially also.

BRB is the place to be.

6 thoughts on “my blog exploded yesterday

  1. I hope you break open a bunch of glow sticks and pour the glow stuff in one of those skulls!

  2. Sigh didn’t think of the fact they stop glowing :( definitely need that goo. Lights are a great idea, what about CHILI PEPPER lights

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