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Be mine tonight if you can’t go home.

Saturday Dinner me this FatMan! Found my cougar avocado pit rrrring. You can all relax now.

I wore my Hello Kitty necklace to Guu and was like hmmm am I sure I want to wear this it seems a bit, pathetic? Then I forgot all about it and had a guu’d time and only looked down when I left and was like oh, right. Most of my life is comprised of I shouldn’t do this moments, then I do it anyway, and then I blog about it. Guu tweeted @ me by the time we left the resto and I didn’t even tweet @ them or anything while there. #Famous #Foodie #douchebag. *Dusts shoulders off*. That would be the ouchebag-day part.

Stuffed jalapenos. Vince was mindblown by these. They were super hot I was like wow. Hey guys, these things, WoW. Seriously. That’s bacon wrapped around them too.

Always down with the sashimi I dunno why it makes me feel skinny even though I ate ten thousand other not sashimi things. It’s all about the wasabi mayo and the fresh fish.

TV Hair. Addicted to this drink now, Almost out of the sugar free cans please send more Bunnies. Ps. I have to think of a bunny nickname for myself. Like Babs Bunny, but not Babs Bunny cos that is already taken. I’m a writer for Playboy now btw :) :) :) :) A blogger writer for their tumblr, aren’t they so darn modern! DREAM JOB.

After dinner parking lot fabulosity.

Oh that’s right I got sake-to-me’d. AKA Sake hosed. We gave’r on a sake flight, two of them!

I’m Raymsian. Go with it. You have no choice.

Yeah I could do with a bit of a make over but I also do not give a crap really. Try hards die hard remember that folks.

I felt a bit pornorific in that shirt and if I might have caught the eye or wonderment of a passing person’s Playboy logo recognition and reference to my person I might also have not done much to dissuade them from thinking Centerfold. Maybe.

I mean why not.

If I got implants allegedly I’d regret it.

Lets work on my face first.

Ginger sake is the best. I want a bottle.

For Dinner # 1 I had a Big Smoke burger, very very good, first time too. Summer is for burgers.

Missed the opening band, poolside, but met one of the guys and bought some crap anyway I love Poolside!! I love this bag too.


Do I look like a loser here?

Variety is the spice of life. I haggled the shit out of him he was like I bet you are going to try to take my sunglasses next and I said YES I was just going to actually.

Lots of Annex mileage lately. Bumped in to M Kim out front too he was a bit pished it was cute lol.

Not a bad last minute concert uniform right? More Killigrew tees please. Sorry I missed the sample sale. You owe me one.

Farrah Fawcett vision. Remember when I always used to say Farrah Floss it? That’s how I do.

See how normal and boringly unhot a girl can be when she does this and not the F Floss it? LESSON LEARNED.

I have a new friend called Amy now. Amy Raymi baby that’s what we turn in to and/or will make when we hang from now on she is a Yay Cray for sure. She was wearing a bathingsuit with a skeleton x-ray on it and she held a dying pigeon on the sidewalk during a smoke break. I fell in love. When I tweeted this pic last night at Twin Shadow (whom also Retweeted a tweet of mine yesterday too BTW NBD) a girl said I should have won my own pilot. I agree but my brand isn’t suited for that particular network so the right thing will come along or fit eventually. I ain’t sweatin’. I’m going to audition for Big Brother of course.

Grabby Sue! Better than Crabby Sue. Or jabby.

Like I said, dreamiest bag ever. Here’s some videos before I forget.


Now this is the jam. Swoon.

Hot couple!

I love the Annex. One of my favourite hoods.

Roxy has a famous tattoo. It was even featured on Perez Hilton! Of something I’ve never heard about before.

Toronto is still renowned for its non-dancing at shows and non-fun expressions NO CHANGE THERE KIDS. Except for our little circle. One guy pissed me off so much for not moving once during the entire show plus his arms were folded over his chest. Bullshit. Go home dude. People overtly protective of their personal space should not go out to live music, if you can’t handle the crowd and try to control it you will lose.

She’s so pretty I had to cover her face. Seriously.

Fine there’s one. She bought a vintage Triumph Honda bike too named Major Tom.

It was an amazing amazing show, perfection. An even bigger fan now I is. Got me jazzed for The Black Keys this Weekend too yeah mon. SUMMER OF RAYMI. Have an adorable day.

8 thoughts on “Be mine tonight if you can’t go home.

  1. youre new friend amy is wearing a suit by black milk. they also sell amazing tights, its insta-bonding if you have them and meet someone wearing them. if youre interested ill link you to their fbook page

  2. “Have an adorable day.”

    DONE. I am looking super cute today by sheer coincidence. Must’ve been the thoughts coming from the TO.

    Love the suit on your new buddy. Also, concert looked fab. ‘Grats on the PBE gig!!

  3. I hate when people stand and look pissed off at shows. If you don’t want me spilling my drink on you while dancing or blowing smoke in your face, get out of the crowd!

  4. I was obsessed with him. He was guarding a little woman who didn’t need guarding. He took up a lot of our dance space. I said to Roxy that I would get in a fight with him by the end of the show. I didn’t, we just danced all the hell around him. And yes he looked really pissed.

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