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You see what had happened was…

Oh hi there didn’t hear you come in, please, have a seat.

Fake dance pose to make it.

Just what is going on here people!


Bromance blossoms.

Craig was trying to boss around the women, yeah good luck with that buddy. I mean you’re completely right and everything but nha nah anahanah sha lal alalalaalal what? Here read our FB party recount comments, beneath the picture of me as a Bible Salesgirl (which I haven’t blawged yet) but then we discuss the above photo.

Arlenea WOW!!!! Lauren… u look Amazing w/or w/out clothing on! LOL!! ;)

Arlenea seriously.. u look stunning

Raymi Lauren White I look like I sell Bibles.

Arlenea that hair colour OMG!! Gorgeous on u!! Shows off all the Beauty in ur face! Ur smile ur eyes!! U look Beautiful!

Raymi Lauren White Thanks it’s by Steve at Headcandy salon.

Rebecca I need a bible

Raymi Lauren White I need an exorcism

Craig I can provide Both!

Raymi Lauren White nice. craig i have a lot of funny pics of your face bahaha

Craig well i will give you an exorcism free of charge if you keep those photo’s out of site hahaha

Raymi Lauren White the exorcism is not needed for myself personally

Craig Oh, well use it like a coupon then, just point me in the right direction, I will compel the power of christ of whoever…. I’m versatile

Raymi Lauren White

Craig Deal broken hahaha

Raymi Lauren White you are always talking and trying to give party lessons we women dont care to hear but we find you endearing.

Craig Like, “don’t ride your bike into oncoming traffic while drunk” got it, I will keep that nonsense to a minimum! ;)

Raymi Lauren White thank you!

Raymi Lauren White ahahahhaa

Scott Bliss that’s a great picture!

Jules Venus I like this

Sarah Ha, whatever Craig is saying to me I’m so not amused. Holding in my rebuttal just waiting for him to shut his trap ;) xox

Raymi Lauren White can i like your comment twice bro hell yeah lol

Craig One against 3… = unfair!!!

Craig well, depending on where of course!


It was a very fun time. Dave (green shirt) hooked me up with a new get out of trouble saying/sentence-starter, “you see, what had happened was.” Barbados people say it? Who says it again? Anyway it’s mine now. And I am only telling you this because I care deeply for you.

JuJu said I am the middle one and Bech is the one with the fro. We always make her the shitty one to piss her off bahahaha. Where is the russian doggies picture of us again?

Hi, welcome to the Raymi the Minx hour. Today we will be discussing everything that sucks about everybody else who isn’t us, celebrity affairs, colouring in our Jem book, drinking a lot and feng shui seashells. You can totally MUTE it.

If you are ever needing to evacuate a bus people jump out the back like this. Obvs I was a bus um, patrol kid WTF are they called again? No bullying on Raymi’s bus you little shits.

I think my hair does look good here. Vacations are great makeunders, you find yourself, discover new style, you give a shit a little bit less about things.

Nice one!

Our first Yay Cray guest being none other than Mr. Sean Ward. We did tractor rides, I launched him across the room ten times. Raymi Long Legs, very powerful.

In this frame here what is Jem jazzed about exactly? You have no seconds to answer this question. NNNT. (buzzer sound).

Our judge goes over your non-response. You win by default of already being bored of this.

Now get the hell off my show!

In this portion of the show, Raymi has some Me time where she reflects upon all that she drank and ate and people at the party who are annoying her.

Now try to be sexy Raymi (who took these again Jules?) dude I am trying here.

My inspiration.

Canada’s Top Male model. Heard it here first.

Eat baby eat!

This guy has never had a taco in his life. I made him eat three!

I’m going to JO to this later.

I love shrimp and cilantro. Some people do not like cilantro I’ve been deprived of it for years cos I stumbled in to so many people who hate it well guess what not no more folks I am going to eat it by the teaspoons lol.

Saved these for Vince. Had to babysit them hardcore. Are you watching the tacos? Yes I am! Jules got the last coveted one.

I think I had 5.


See the diff in camera photos and crappy iphone flash?

Okay bye bye bon weekend! Guess where I’m going for dinner tonight.

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  1. Americans say it! Black Americans say it. I think white Americans learned about “What had happened was…” from Fresh Prince like 15 years ago.

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