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Palm Beach baby!

I went for a seashell loner walk yesterday as the sun went down and listened to tunes.

Tres romantique.

Here Raymbecca! Writing your name in the sand made me cry! I was kind of drunk too haha. A man from Toronto put his hand on his heart and then that was that!

Here Arran. Your comment won because you said all the right things.

More of these when I get home. Internet is slow here.

This means my sweetheart. Mi Dushi. It sounds like douchey. Obvs I’m a big fan of it.

Can someone get me the episode of creeps already so I can upload it to youtube holy f-ing crap thanks.

These shades bring out the nose of my nose. I believe Jules picked them out. Hi Jules!

My #PBENation playboy bunny ears and made the last call of happy hour in the nick of time.

Send me your playboy bunny ears pics babes please.

Hi mom.

Fresh meat.

I want these heels mom.

We walked home after dinner, karaoke wasn’t happening. You don’t need to party all the time.

Black swan! I saw it first.

It came right to me but I didn’t have any food.

Victor (at the bar, also owner) took a shine to me (don’t they all) he’s a french guy from Montpelier and has 4 girlfriends. He said he likes “womens” like me “so much”. Raymi vortex hold on tight buddy. The food at Casa Tua was v delicious.

We’ll probably party at the mill one night.

I just told my mom I would throw a rock at her she is driving me insane. What else is new. yes I love my mom blablall lal blah but AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! How long can you handle hanging out with your mom for? This is why we drink. Lois rented us an SUV for two days we’re going exploring later on. Mom thinks she’s getting shotgun the entire time.

Gorge hotel grounds.

With these guys everywhere.

They call me mellow yellow.

Guess the foot.

I’m going to miss this so much.

Where’s Raymbo?

Best shirt ever. I need more like this.


:) :)

Sun in my eyes. Nice crotch shot.

Blaha cheeky shirts everywhere.

I can’t sand it!

Second night. My nails look way worse than this now. I didn’t bring polish. I should get a manicure.

Drink fail.

We had dinner at Gianni’s. I had a salad. I’m going to stop pigging out on buffet bacon now.

Tracey you owe me some drinks, cheapskate.

Time to go get my tan on.

I found a new job jajajaja.

Crazy cab. I was dancing to the tunes so the picture turned out this way. My mom has hilar pics of the interior.

No one knows how to take pictures here apparently.

Aruba Raymi out!

3 thoughts on “Palm Beach baby!

  1. I would like to thank the academy, my agent and Jesus.

    “Fresh meat” ha! See, you’re all funny.

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