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Ariba Aruba ARaymi

So much for washing and blowdrying my hair yesterday.

Saved you a seat.

Some of the resort iguanas are missing arms and tails cos people step on them (I think) and then they take off without the rest of their arm. That’s the breaks when you mooch around resorts bro.

Palm trees are my favourite.

I was getting stinkeye from a potato when I was posing for this. It just makes me puff out my chestsicles even more. Don’t frown on vacation it looks so fugly on you.

Secret people watching and photographing is awesome. Is that a potato?

I want to go to there. But I don’t want to get dragged on my face through the sand or the water on the way there so maybe not.

I am making lots of new friends. They all run away from me though :( haha.

They don’t call me bum bum Lauren for nothing.

Should I buy this? Also comes in black. Hmm.

And this? Looks awesome on me arse. Yay or nay?

Yeah and so what? More like it’s 12 o’clock somewhere. Idiots.

Aloe man! An Aruba institution. Lois has seen this guy before years ago. There is a job for everyone. I think the sun fries your brains after awhile. I feel like one day away from being Aloe man myself.

Mom and Lois. $49 get real.

Haha nice.

This hat reminds me of the chick from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I didn’t buy it.

I need some Paris Hilton shades. There’s a bag of them in my tickle trunk somewhere beneath all that crap.

Oh look it’s Blurren.

Boat slide! I also rode a seadoo in the Caribbean sea it was bananas! On that tube draggy thing at the very end we hit some wake and I flew up like a ragdoll and slammed back down on my neck. Great thanks! It’s all good I am fine, I have 9 lives (knock on wood).

Best bathingsuit ever. Going to buy a two-piece today. I tried on a monokini but I dunno, I am really in to the print but they have the potential to make ya hippy and wide and by you I mean me.

Georgia and I pulled a prank on one of Lois’ friends who is staying at a hotel down the beach from ours. He hasn’t figured it out yet who it is lol. Good!

Ze prank.

Ze mum bum. I pantsed her when we got out of the water after our tube ride and a guy gave me a thumbs up from his boat ahahaha of course mom screaming out only draws more attention to it.

Wonder what stupid crap I’ll get up to today! Haven’t d/l my shots from last night either. We had dinner and some dancing. People can smoke in clubs here. BARFFFFFFFFFF.

Obviously I wanted to climb up in there. I didn’t.

Birds and lizards everywhere.

Happy hour is a fine and happy hour indeed. Actually it should be called happy hours but that’s just me. I had a seabreeze. I like seabreezes. I used to drink them when I was 16. baha.

On the seadoo my top kinda blew down but I didn’t care and the dude didn’t notice. My hair was hitting him in the face. When he was driving it his long island hair was in my face too. Go with the flow mon.

Miss ya like a hole in the head.

ps. gimme some voms and I’ll mail the best one a present. What size are you?

20 thoughts on “Ariba Aruba ARaymi

  1. I say nay to the red swimsuit. You have to think of the tanline it would leave. Big mango palm tree! Looks like you’re having fun (obviously)!!

  2. i used to have an iguana, its name was JubJub and my mom painted its nails pink. it also had a little leather jacket from planet hollywood. i had a plastic tree in my bedroom and it used to sleep in there because it would roam free around our apartment. but then it got too big so whenever it would try to get in the tree the tree would fall. but it was still awesome !! thanks for updates been waiting for pics !!
    xx nicks

  3. Nicky isnt that from an episode of The Simpsons? Lol. I like the leather jacket visual. Hi Shanny! Mark I want to get a white bikini.

  4. Hi Raymi, Looks like a great resort you’re at! They should be paying you to write this travelogue. Damn good advertising for them. I smiled at the pic of the two resort guys checking you out while you were putting on the life vest too! Didn’t take long for your vortex to hit Aruba did it?

  5. oh you know its from a simpsons episode, “common jubjub, lets go home” and then she sings Natural Woman to him

  6. Burp
    Kelly has the same razor as you. She is using it right now. Weirrrrrd.
    You are funny today and you look young. Byeeeeee.

  7. Hope you bought that Mum & Lois picture… like them:-) Oh and the 5 o’clock somewhere thing means, it’s cocktail hour at any time of day:-)

  8. Monokinis are the devil. THAT HAT! MY GOD! I would have bought it, but ya know, I’m a sucker for matchy-matchy. Hi!

  9. if i was in aruba i would totally drink seabreezes too. also the picture of you and lois on the tube chair thing behind the boat is hilarious to me. i was going to leave a comment anyway before i saw the last line and YOU KNOW MY SIZE. lol

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