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The title of this post is what my tv show would be called. Or my motto. Or my face! Shut up. No you. Don’t steal my ideas people steal enough of them already Lawdy knows.

So I finally met team Killigrew. The Killibro boys have a clothing line of tees for men and women (they are axeing the women’s line for some stupid reason though) and they also party their brains out like me so we are now breast friends naturally.

I chose the rounded neck tees cos I think they are more hipster appropes however the V shirt looks rather fetching on my frame so now I want one of those too. I didn’t want to be too greedz. Act aloof at first that’s how you get MOAR.

Let the missus neck you. Teehee.

Damn girl look at that rock! If I was desperate I’d hate you! But I’m not so I don’t. I didn’t even put it together that Nicole and Jeff (Bro from above) were an item. These chums are so fun times I felt ten years younger just acting like spring break together for a coupla hours at this pop-up I was invited last minute to by Mijana (smart move girl) which I think came by way of the Menkes video from yesterday. Yesterday was productive for me because I got a lot of blog business shit organized mentally. That’s all it really takes for me to get back on track again. Ideas become things quickly thanks to social media.

Still got it. Killigrew invited me to the pop stand too and I was like bro I am already go-eeng OMFG right. I said that Bech was too tarded to get me the shirt she already got off ‘em from the night I bailed on bottle service at NYOOD. I like that I have a party reporter assisant in a besticle like Becky. We are going to have a goodbye partio hang cos she’s going to Kingston and I’m going to Aruba. This is how prepared I am for Aruba: 0.

I came away with this one. And also in the other colour.

This is how happy Blackberry users are when they meet. Seriously. I think we all know why that’s sad. I like Jeff because he reminds me of an old friend I lost in the divorce.

I am a genius. Spiral staircase shots. I bet we could get 4, or 5, the planet!

Sorry for spillage on your shirt. It was Grey goose so, you know, whatever.

Hole Watch 2012 still going down. A bit more ripped as I was getting ready. The pants are too big on my hips so I hike them up and they’re way too skinny on my thighs comparatively the hole, she grows. I am stubborn and cheap. They’re J Brand and I wiped out wearing them on my longboard and the knee didn’t even rip. No one can tell there’s a hole except for when I make a point to show it to EVERYBODY.

It’s like West Side story meets Easy Rider.

That’s a classic.

Spike bracelet made with love.

No really.

I love this mural.

Mom I don’t need muscle. I hate when people tell you shit about your body that you are already cool with. ps. I have muscle. Just you wait Tracey in Aruba you will all be crying as I do twirls around you in the pool.

I like holding food especially if it is novelty sized large.

Oh darling.

Muchos gracias. I like my new friends @Killigrew Boys very much! I asked where Nicole was at one point and Jeff said oh probably shots with rich old men bahah. Btw Local on the D-forth, dig it. I’m going back in two weeks for a review. It felt like being on vacation yesterday cos I never go there and because of summer and patios everywhere it felt like a whole new place. Look at all these old people eating so late at night. It’s a great neighbourhood how could you not go take a stroll? Also coincidentally the one dude who bailed on me for Jay-Z+Kanye West (lives there at home with his folks who still give him date money he’s greek and I never boned him which is why he keeps trying) texted me last night. He is relentless. I told him to f-off around xmas when he blew it and have maintained a f-k you radio silence since and he still periodically hollas at me his efforts are fascinating and dumbfounding.

I wore this to drop off my bike and then walked home in it. The fabric is like sex. Okay I don’t want to say that but too late. I don’t know much about fashion or care I just want it. You know? The material is 100% Modal and it’s uber soft, I don’t own anything like it. The cut and style is obvy very fashionable I know my mom is going to want one. Steve told me all about the quality of the t-shirt the Killigrews hooked him up with. He’s an up and coming hair stylist is what I said, see, I’m a good publicist too, connector, you name it I’ll friggin’ do it. But it turns out they have all these common interests anyway so everybody gained. I said to the K boys that I dig their work. They’re selling a lifestyle not just a t-shirt. That’s the secret.

Had a coffee before heading in because that’s what lifers gotta do.

Loved your little pop-up party Mijana, anytime, I’m your girl! I took one of your pr print outs to plagiarize at a later date, kudos ;).

See you in the shower.

9 thoughts on “Business & Leisure

  1. You look like such a babe with your dark hair. Miss your face. Have fun in Aruba, Jamaica oooh I wanna take ya…xox

  2. I love all of those shirts, I’ll take them in V neck.

    About the muscle, its good to keep muscle on, especially after thirty. Makes you feel stronger and burns more fat.

    red flag will be almost finished by Aruba time so you won’t need to make any comments.

  3. I guess a blogger’s appearance is fair game? Lame. The internet is so weird. Like would that poster actually say something so nasty to someone just out on the street? It’s like ah we can all be assholes.

  4. bahahha Trailer why didn’t you just ask? I thought I said it years ago anyway. Pick me up a pair too while you’re at it.

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