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Raymbo Pride

Okay time to practice with these more. I’m only going to use 2 rods cos it will be lighter and I don’t need four, it’s impossible and no way the wing can flutter if a rod is in it plus I don’t want to poke anyone and there is a higher chance of that with 4. So catch us on Shasha’s float tomorrow, starts at 2pm. PUMPED. We have a hose to spray you down with if you get overheated and it’s infused with vanilla so smell like a bakery. GENIUS. It’s also time for a shower. Make sure to never leave a pet or a baby in a hot car when it’s like this okay thank you xoxo Raymbo :).

“Celebrate & Demonstrate! Voted Best Float @PrideToronto look for us at ‪#pride2012‬ on Sun. July 1″


I went to a party here years and years ago I never forgot it except I can’t remember which house it was exactly hehheh..

So I’m very fond of this bizarre corner. Biking through it at night, a hot summer one. 19 years old. Stupid and spectacular.

It was an out of the way place to party at the time.

TV pancake makeup.

Soccer traffic. Spain won.

I have papillon hair. I am down with that.

Game face on. Remember when I never smiled. I need to start up @raymisemo again haha. Maybe when goth has a revival, Emo will come shortly thereafter.

I like the vintage posters at legendary MTV studioland. We were sequestered in this room upstairs so as to keep us away from the finalists. We were loud as hell, it felt like highschool again and it was super fun. Give us vegetables and water and see what happens I guess.

Buh buh bam you betcha.

Beside me is a frickin’ ice cream fridge STOCKED. We were not allowed that either.

You can see part of my question haha.

Everything is working here ooh yes snaps.

Smell ya later Happy Saturday.

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